Decisions uses that same concept to ensure the success

Decisions made are very important for business. Richard Branson was really good in making decisions in order to make company to be in a better position among its competitors. As it is mentioned in the presentation decentralization has become main source of their competitive advantage, it creates modern image for the company. The other aspect to take into account is that the management style is different. Richard Branson is well known for stylish but competitive leadership skills which drives company for better results.Nowadays strategy of corporate parenting is not very popular, but Virgin group gave its name to all the businesses acquired or created in order make them easier to gain market share. Also, this gives chance for relatively small companies to use resources available in order to become more successful in business.Diverse business portfolio gives chance to increase are of influence in business, to become more compatible. Virgin was creating diversity in a business unit level, which means a profit center which focuses on product offering and market segment. The last and I think the most important decision was to create value for money, customer gets fair service or product for the price offered.Global business tends to have a reach on multiple industries and markets around the world. Usually, these organizations adopt a strategy or principal which helps the business function in different locations with different markets and segments. Different structures of global businesses include Branding houses, House of brands or a hybrid structure between both.A branded house organization usually devotes resources to one specific name brand. examples of these organizations with such are Google, Apple or Virgin. These types of businesses are mostly built on brand name, utilizing their image to the public to disperse the resources available to expansion and diversification to other markets and growth within the firm itself. Google started off as a search engine, then moved into emailing (Gmail) and later introduced the concept of Google Drive even. If it weren’t for the ‘Google’ name, it would have been difficult to have customers believe in and trust something like the cloud drive which stores all of the user’s information into one integrated system. Same for Apple and the Iphone & the cloud. Virgin uses that same concept to ensure the success of many of its business, such as the airlines, financial services and their megastores. There is a certain standard of product and/or service that a customer would expect when using any of the different Virgin brands. Brand houses usually run on good leadership and motivation of employees. Both Virgin and Google have a track record of having very happy employees working in their respective fields; thus producing the best level of work with efficiency and autonomy.On the other hand, a house of brands concept is more of an acquisition approach. Organizations such as Unilever or Procter & Gamble are very strong businesses which have had the success necessary to adopt different strategies and apply those into different areas of separate industries over time. This strategy or shape is one which focuses on expertise of different companies and their employees in a range of industries, from food & Beverage all the way to Household items. Most of the time, the investments in different businesses is solely based on the opportunity of that industry in a specific time, which usually ends up taking away from other name brands in the house of brands. House of Brands does not focus on one area or another, but more so on the core strengths of each separate business in its own respective industry.In regards to the applying the branded house strategy, it is extremely difficult to shift a business from one to another. Applying the branded house strategy would require an immense shift in regards to any brand image, as well as a highly known brand name or figure such as Branson. The branded house concept is one which is only achievable over a long period of time; which means that the only way this would be applicable onto another business was if a hybrid structure was adopted instead. This would shift the decision making process in a vast way.