Dentix Blockchain technology called smart contracts as the future

Dentix is bringing smart contract technology to the dental care industry!


A much-needed development of the dental care industry is underway.  The development team from Dentix say they’ve developed a software solution that will solve many ongoing issues that have have been rotting patients trust in the dental industry data exchange issues using ground-breaking Blockchain technology and smart contracts.  New innovations in Blockchain Technology will be used to secure and maintain a scalable Electronic Health Record (EHR).  The blockchain will also introduce a brand-new Cryptocurrency which can be earned, traded, and spent in exchange for dental service!

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The Initial Coin Offer Presale has already kicked off!  Dentix is already showing what sets them apart, and that’s a genuine love for the dental industry and community, A generous bounty program has been initialized offering rewards for quality content such as videos, articles, and amazing graphics related to Dentix. 

 Dentix aims to help dentists provide an incredible experience for patients by developing advanced Blockchain technology called smart contracts as the future building an unprecedented level of comfort in dental record handling.1 2 

Dentix management is currently working on a clear schedule and agenda to release to the community. A strong emphasis has been made to express that honesty and transparency with the community is a major priority.  A summary of what we can expect has been provided.3 4 

The team of developers has stated “The core application has been already developed. The team is now working to integrate the code into The Blockchain.  You can expect a public release day announcement very soon,” Additionally we can expect an official white paper release describing its functionality in fine detail.5  


The Dentix community manager will be providing a platform for open communication and feedback from the community!

Dentix will be releasing a major advancement for data technology field, an Electronic Health Records (EHR) that utilizes a Blockchain Technology to provide a secure way to record, store, and transfer dental charts, dental records, and sensitive patient information.


Individual providers have been solely responsible for updating and storing any data regarding their dental practice, this will still be the case, but now patients will have one single platform for viewing their own complete dental record, the is a huge advancement in dental record data exchange compared to the traditional methods of charts being scattered between each provider they’ve ever visited.


 The blockchain offers a safe place with verifiable integrity to store, update, release and transfer patient records.  


The software uses blockchain technology and cryptography to provide a trustless way of handling sensitive data.  Simply explained, that means your private information will be stored in a tamper-proof place where records cannot be changed or deleted and the only people who can see these records are people that you have authorized to do so.  This also means that patients will have an easy way to access their own records from anywhere at any time!


In the business world, Smart contract blockchains are a reliable way for parties to record an agreement on a set of a data, records, or transactions. They also provide a way to eliminate the “trust factor” of dentists securing sensitive information properly.


Its decentralized properties offer a reliable place to confirm that all parties involved agree on a record and that it is a secure place for storing that record so that it cannot be altered or deleted.  Anyone who wants to add new data to the blockchain must download a complete copy of its data and synchronization the data with a network of peers who agree on the blockchains state if integrity.

Using the Proof of Stake system any record that enters the blockchain must digitally sign then sent to the peer network of “miners” who then compare each reach consensus agreement of the network before it can be recorded.

The integrity, security, and neutrality of the blockchain are maintained by using mathematical algorithms call encryption.  This is the future of business and the answer to a well know need for an efficient EHR in the dental industry.


A blockchain with smart contract integration, the combination is well known for being resistance to hacking to transactions, transfers, and smart contracts.6 7   By adopting these technologies we can now help patients and dentists by providing a better way of storing and exchanging data. Rest assure that information is being handled properly.


Dentix set to achieve in the development and distribution of a neutral, safe, and more efficient EHR 8 9 than what currently is available, to store, dental charts, records, and sensitive data.  For transfers to be handled securely, through a network of trusted providers that will be determined through a smart contract vote between other trusted providers.  The software will also provide a way for patients to communicate with their dentist directly from a mobile app allowing you to update information, receive notifications, and set appointments effortlessly!




o   Illegible writing

o   The NHS Terms of Service, state that dental records should be kept for a period of only two years. 

o   The defense organizations suggest that records be kept permanently. This is often impossible due to space constraints.

o   security and the safe transfer of information to payers is a priority for all practices

o    lost time required to locate, pack and ship paper forms             

o    Practices need to be able to efficiently store and exchange all sensitive information, including records and attachments.

o   Patients need to be able to engage directly with the practice. 

o   patients should have control over their health records, and they should also benefit from the potential value that they possess. 

o   Honest Patient Reviews, on procedures that were performed and signed for by the practitioner. 10 




how Dentix can solve them.


?     Blockchain technologies can easily help keep a practice ahead of the competition, at a lower cost.

?     Eliminate the need for expensive practice management software.

?      greater automation and reduces administrative burdens like appointment scheduling

?     consistent style for entries

?     Maintain a chronological order 

?      Complete and accurate records

?     provide information to appropriate legal authorities that will aid in the identification of a dead or missing person

?      scannable electronic storage entry

?     Authentic electronic signatures

?     securely exchange health information while gaining productivity

?     submit all necessary attachments reliably and securely;

?     eliminate lost attachments that delay reimbursement

?     decrease time spent tracking claims

?     Quicker reimbursement on denied claims.

?     minimal time and training to implement and offer integrated services to payers and practice management system vendors

?     Patient and Dentist have the comfort and reliability of being able to track, monitor and follow claims and attachments throughout the adjudication process. 

?      securing data as it’s exchanged among organizations in a format that is usable for various clinicians 

?     create a layer of de-identified data that researchers could tap to recruit patients and more.


The production, retention, and release of clear and accurate patient records are an essential part of the dentist’s professional responsibility.  Complete and accurate record keeping is important for these reasons:

Sharing of relevant information with other dental care professionals involved in a patient’s treatment
Information may be passed to a third party if the patient or legal adviser gives written consent, for example, an insurance company11 
Where information is requested about a deceased patient and consent of the estate or relative is sought and there is an investigation of sudden, suspicious or unexplained death
Information is required in the preparation of legal reports containing only relevant dental treatments
Access to dental records by the police. Search and seizure warrants may not include dental records, and therefore should be carefully checked
Clinical research protocols and peer review procedures. The name of the patient must be kept confidential. If information is to be used for teaching purposes then the patient’s consent must be obtained


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Need to say that the core application has been already developed, and currently undergoing transition and implementation of blockchain technology


yep, the whole article is incomplete but im glad a was able to get your feedback at this point.


yep, the whole article is incomplete but im glad a was able to get your feedback at this point.

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