Description: of extracting the information from the binary image


This paper deals with complex welding path motion
programming of Mitsubishi RV-3SDB robot as shown below. Motion is specified by
input image files to simplify interactions between an engineer and a robot when
setting up the autonomous operation. Automated code is generated which orders
the welding tip to move along the path specified by the input bitmap image
which is transmitted via internet by the remote computer vision system.

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Methodology:  the
process of extracting the information from the binary image mainly takes place
using the Algorithm which mainly works on two steps namely tracing and arc

 Tracing step: A Binary  image
of the original colored image is obtained and the desired contours can be
specified using black and white colors which is done by an engineer during the
adjustment of the technological chain remotely using the computer vision
system, thus which the help of Moore-Neighbor tracing algorithm an array is
formed with all the coordinates of the neighbor black points of the input
binary image.

 Arc Approximation step: all the
coordinates obtained from above step can be used for point to point welding but
if the number of coordinates is large then it causes overloading of the
controller also the speed of the welding arm decreases as the robot
reconfigures it’s position at each reference level. Thus to overcome this
problem arc approximation technique is used, which considers the movement along
an arc considering only three points to increase the speed and decrease the
code size.

Advantages: The
major advantage of using this project of automation using robots and
programming them by using algorithms based on the date collected is to minimize
the hard human welding work. Also this method of welding ensures the accuracy
of the welding joints, as compared to human weding works this automated welded
method proves to be more efficient in increasing the productivity; also time
required for automated welding is less as compared to human welding method.

Disadvantages: Major
disadvantage of automated system is if while capturing the image if any error
occurs then it will lead to improper algorithm implementation which leads to
wrong signaling to the robot arm which causes welding operation at undesirable