Developing conditions that are moderate to severe. The minor

Developing medication has become the primary goal of big pharmaceutical companies. Since the end of the twentieth century finding a cure is no longer important. The new solution to all health matters is to take a pill and manage symptoms. This alleviates all need to cure any diseases or conditions within the body. This idea needs reviewing to better society and reduce the necessity of medication.Severe ConditionsThe importance of medicine is to manage conditions that are moderate to severe. The minor health concerns should have simple fixes that take little time. Commercials and movies exemplify the pill form of medicine for symptoms. This becomes necessity even when the symptoms require closer observation. Doctors and other healthcare experts may report more serious conditions from these periodic or continuous signs. Headaches that occur frequently or for days are often symptomatic of tumors. Aches in the stomach region could be a precursor to appendicitis. Without looking further, litigation and life-altering illness progress and transpire.Minor ConditionsLarge pharmaceutical companies are pushing through commercials and advertisements numerous medications. By inundating the public with these images and video, common consumers are taking more medicine than ever before. These business entities millions on these drugs. Ads are saturating the market for each. The public is exposed to subliminal messages for each and every minor condition. Many patients are requesting or inquiring about new medicines that they do not need. Someone with constant headaches may seek a pill. This happens instead of finding the cause and removing it. Extreme exertion at work or behind monitors often leads to minor health concerns.Side-Effects Increasing over TimeIn the past, medicine had few if any side-effects. Time, research and money went into creating a product that would help more than harm. However, as more manufactured medication for the consumer populace appears, the side-effects produced. Some of these are worse than the initial illness. Those of note include cancer, suicidal thoughts, depression and death. Some pills provide many side-effects that could kill the consumer from a single dose. Lawsuits arise constantly from these incidents. Compensation is owed to numerous injured patients from consumption of these drugs. When enough damage has occurred, some drug medications are recalled.When the average person browses online or through television, he or she may view multiple drug commercials. The side-effects listed and explained may take half the time to detail. The minor irritation of having small spots of eczema or similar problems may not require medicine to treat. There are natural remedies in the world. Returning the focus to the cause is important to cure what ails a person. Rather than treating the symptoms, patients need a cure for the condition. This requires reviewing the trend of pills and medicine over alleviating the source. A medicated society may find it difficult to think and act.Reviewing the TrendWith cancer on the rise, it is even more important to seek a cure for common diseases and ailments. These conditions that affect the populace are often solved with a treatment course. Unfortunately, large corporations that invest in or have associations with pharmaceuticals press for managing symptoms. This increases profits and maintains revenue streams. Oversight is necessary to put these entities in check. A committee without no external influence should preside over these decisions for medication. It is crucial to scale back on production and manufacture. By reviewing the trend of medicine first, it is possible to progress into the future as a society.Peaceful Battle with Big PharmaIt is essential to review the actions of large companies. Curing conditions should become a priority again. This could permit the populace to move the United States into the future. Production would increase. Efficiency and ideas would flow throughout every facet of the country. Taking care of each patient is important. A peaceful battle against these larger pharmaceutical companies happens through education and information. Informing citizens of what is required based on the ailment is imperative. This could also cut medication costs, so they are affordable to those that need them. Healthcare and medication need a review by someone who is not influenced.Progress to oversight is important. This may lead to pharmaceutical entities review. To get there, cooperation and communication are necessary. Contacting and voting in senators and other authorities is crucial. Review boards and councils must exist for reviews to occur. These may need help in creation by those in power. Ideas, concepts and thoughts on how to proceed are beneficial. To review big pharmaceutical companies, it is essential to band together. Collaboration on projects and programs could provide the push for authorities to work on these issues.