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Did you know every hurricane was originally a thunderstorm or in other words a tropical disturbance? Well it’s true. Did you know it takes days to prep for a hurricane? Did you know that a hurricane is the most dangerous storms to experience? Although this is horrible to people there is nothing we can do about it.Hurricanes are the most dangerous storms to experience. They tear down power lines, topple trees, knock out electricity, and worst of all they can tear apart a house. For example, hurricane Harvey caused $180 billion in damage; more than any storm ever recorded in the US. Also Harvey accounted for 82 deaths. Hurricanes can unfortunately be very deadly and costly. To track a hurricane meteorologists use satellite photos and meteorologists can also fly in aircrafts and record their observations. One thing they use is a doppler radar. A doppler radar is a radar can detect heavy rain. A doppler radar can  typically read 200 to 250 mile range from where the radar is placed says weather.com. The radar also a provides rainfall and wind speed estimate. Meteorologists can also use a reconnaissance aircraft. A reconnaissance aircraft is a military aircraft with radar technology.  A reconnaissance aircraft can measure pressure, locate the eye, measure wind speeds, it can also also measure storm size. A reconnaissance aircraft can fly near the storm and make it measurements. The people in the aircraft can drop dropsondes into the hurricane. A  dropsonde is a instrument that meteorologists can use to measure wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, air temperature, and the altitude of the qualities listed. Also before most everything revolved around technology meteorologists made observations. Although it was kind of risky because it was hard to tell when or where the hurricane would make landfall it got the job done. Why is there tropical cyclones near Australia and Africa but we don’t get them. Actually it is all the same thing but it is called different thing all over the world. There is hurricanes, tropical cyclones, and typhoons. Hurricanes happen in North and South America.Tropical cyclones happen in Africa and Australia, and typhoons happen in Asia. Although they all have different names it all means the same thing. Why do hurricanes happen? Hurricanes happen when