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Different energy that was used in JapanDo you know the different types of energy that was used in Japan? It includes: Coal , Hydroelectricity, Nuclear power, LNG (Liquefied natural gas), oil…etc. This text will talk about types of energy: Nuclear Power, Hydroelectric electricity and LNG (Liquefied natural gas).Nuclear EnergyAdvantage of Nuclear Power : It is cheaper than producing energy from using oil, coal and gas; Low pollution (No accidents); It has high energy density, it creates 10 million times more of energy than Fossil Fuels atom (oil, gas). It is a good for Japan before the explosion because it create a non polluting environment for Japan. Disadvantages of Nuclear energy : Case in Fukushima (near the middle of Japan, 2011 March 11, a tsunami ( caused by the cooling factor) and a earthquake dragges the Fukushima Nuclear power plant to a death. It melts down most of the parts and leaks out radiation (more than how many a regular, no accident Nuclear plant should release), it kills around 37+ people and people needs to get away a distance of 2 whole Hong Kong. This was a shocking news to the Japaneses. Which in 2014, it stopped almost all of Nuclear plants and builts a “shell” to protect it, if anything thing melt the part again and leaks radiation.     As you can see in the diagrams of the year 1973, 2010 and 2014 of Japan to change the formats of the different sources that generates energy in Japan. Nuclear power in 1973, which japaneses use 2.6% to 2010 (before the earthquake)28.6% around 10 times more but after the explosion it went straight down to 0% in 2014. A girl from Hong Kong went to Fukushima after the explosion with her friends. After the 10 day trip, when she was back in Hong Kong, she starts to vomit. So she went to see the doctor. The doctor told her that she was pregnant but she was late when she noticed, the doctor also said the baby is dead caused by the radiation forms in her body from the food she ate and absorb. (Radiation spread in the ocean after the explosion, fish and the different seafood ates and drink water and tiny animal with radiation and then the girl the fishes and seafood and it forms a lot of radiation in her body.)Is Nuclear Energy renewable? In a word, no. Same as oil coal and gas, it is a nonrenewable source. Nuclear energy also used some nonrenewable source like Uranium. Something you could mine for, but mining it has its own risk of releasing potential deadly radon gas and disposal of radioactive waste. Nuclear energy produces electricity that can be used to power homes, schools, businesses, and hospitals. It is store in a tank like the following one:It was not a sustainable energy for Japan. Well, if a country that was not near a sea that causes tsunamis or if a country do not have earthquake usually happening around, nuclear power might be one of your many choice. As mentioned, in Fukushima where the nuclear power plant is explode was caused by a tsunami and a earthquake.This is how nuclear power generated to electricity. HydroelectricityAdvantage of Hydroelectricity : Hydroelectricity is a renewable source, that mean is not gonna be used up; It is “green”, it does not pollute (itself); Safe, compare to the nuclear and fossil fuels, hydroelectricity was much much safer.Disadvantage of Hydroelectricity : Building electricity power plant is not cheap, Hydroelectric power plant is not a exception for this. ; Droughts.Electricity generation and price is directly related to how much water that available. Is hydroelectricity sustainable? Yes, why not? This is sustainable for Japan is because: 1. Japan is near the sea so collecting water is way easier for them (For generating Hydroelectricity) 2. It is environmental friendly that keeps the air nice and clear.This is how hydroelectricity generates LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)LNG was the main used in Japan because : 1. Low polluting 2. Cheap.It is a low polluting resource which do not pollute itself and generating energy. It is also cheaper than buying oil,coal and fossil fuels. Disadvantages of LNG : Listening to the name do not ever think it is a renewable source, although the name is called Liquefied natural gas, it does not means it is natural or renewable.  It is a good energy that is suggested to Japan to use. Mainly because it is a cheap, green and environmental friendly source to create electricity.  This is a diagram of how LNG was made into electricity.It is usually used to power up ships As a result I think the most reasonable energy for Japan is either Hydroelectricity or