– disregard of the safety of those operating the

The report implies that all people from any suggestion that their
desire to resume production caused them knowingly to embark on hazardous course
in disregard of the safety of those operating the works. This desire which led
them to overlook the fact that is was potentially hazardous to resume
production without examining the remaining reactors and ascertaining the cause
of the failure of the fifth reactor is the connection of Reactor No. 4 to
Reactor No. 6 involved a largely engineering problems. Due to this disaster
which led to fail to take appropriate action in connection with the
construction, testing, fitting and supporting of the bypass assembly. In addition,
all Reactors should be inspected, examined and the cause of the failure of
Reactor No. 5 ascertained in order to a properly qualified works engineer with
sufficient status that would have prevented the disaster. This situation as unsatisfactory
of hazardous materials. Briefly, this report states that hazard analysis recognizes
that hazard cannot be entirely eliminated and that it is necessary to concentrate
resources on those risks which exceed a specific value.

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