Do rupture,heart disease, lung disease and hip fracture. Do

Do you know how  bad smoking effects all of us. Smoking can give you a lot of different diseases or cancer in many different places. Do you know all the different stuff in  cigarettes.There is a lot of stuff it can do to your body.Smoking can give you cancer and a bunch of disease. Do you know all the cancers you can get from smoking these are only half the cancers you can get.Nose cancer mouth cancer larynx cancer esophagus you really won’t any of those cancers than stop smoking. That is a lot of places you can get cancer so next time you smoke you better remember all these places. You can get diseases in all these places and this can happen. stroke blindness, gum infection, aortic rupture,heart disease, lung disease and hip fracture. Do you really won’t any of that to happen to you need to listen to me.Next time you smoke think about all these things. Your lungs will be really blake and you will be really unhealthy.Do you know all the bad stuff in cigarettes. There are a lot of  stuff you don’t think are in cigarettes there is no good thing in cigarettes.all these things are in cigarettes. Badgerys,sewer gas,candle wax,Rocket fuel, barbecue lighter,lighter fluid,toilet cleaner,poison, and that’s only half the stuff in cigarettes.Smoking affects your health alot and is really bad for your health.87 percent of people die from the cigarettes you smoke to day. It also makes your blood vessels smaller.And your blood will get sticky .And makes your lungs black. “According to the article be tobacco””Research has linked smoking to an increase risk  of  developing age related muscle degeneration” this is really bad for our health and can kill you. Even if smoking makes you feel relaxed you shonet smoke because it can hurt you really bad.And you won’t be as active as you use to be. Its true because you don’t play with me as often as you You should stop smoking becas of all these reasons smoking can give you a lot of different problems,there is a lot of bad stuff in cigarettes,smoking is really bad for your health. And so we all will be healthier than we are. SO STOP SMOKING and do you know how much money you are wasting for cigarettes. Resources”Effects of Smoking on Your Health.” Health Effects of Smoking | Be Tobacco, Department of Health and Human Services, 20 Aug. 2012,