“Doing responsibility programs unethical is corporations choosing charities without

           “Doing well by doing good”
is the business world’s most in trend slogan. Almost every company has picked
up on having a corporate social responsibility program. CSR is a business
approach that embraces responsibility for a company’s actions and encourages a
positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers,
employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public. Some
companies will choose to create their own program by changing one of their
products or change the way they function to make it more sustainable and to
lower their carbon footprint. For example, Apple encourages its IT partners to
take full advantage of renewable energy and Apple packaging is now manufactured
with 99 percent recycled paper products. Other companies will collaborate with
other non-profit organizations to help form their program. For instance, XEROX
CSR program provides money to channel funds to local teams of employees to
select and work on specific community projects that they identify within their
communities. We often don’t openly criticize nonprofits for what they are doing
wrong because we assume since they are “helping people” then the company is
ethical, but the problem is when companies use these charities for their
corporate social responsibility program they are actually doing more harm than
good to society. What makes some of these corporate social responsibility
programs unethical is corporations choosing charities without doing much
research into how the organization works. A lot of charities do not consider
the effect of flooding the market in third world countries with free goods or
cheaper goods. Something that is never really openly stated when donating is
how much of your donation is spent on administrative expenses.

For charities in the united states, you can get those numbers on a website
called charity navigators. The information is taken from forms that
the charities themselves complete and send to the tax authorities.  No one checks the forms, and the proportion
allocated to administration expenses can be easily changed.  What makes it worse is that even if the
numbers are accurate, they often tell you nothing about the charity’s impact.

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The pressure to keep administrative expenses low can make a nonprofit less
effective and make them start doing questionable actions within the company.

Also, some of these charities and corporations don’t have sustainable business
plans. What makes matters worse is corporations will use their CSR programs as
a marketing tool to help drive their revenues and will use their CSR program to
act like they are doing good internationally but in reality, they are treating
their factory workers in international countries horribly. We need to be
holding charities/nonprofits to the same ethical accountability as we do for corporations.