Due Meeting with different teams and gathering information has

Due to the
fact that entire communities, villages faced hardship and persecution together, many migrated
together when their homes were attached they are and have developed a very
tight group, even creating housing in clusters to remain with people they know.
Communication habits are strictly community based with great emphasis on
personal connection and community leaders. The discrepancy between
sources of information between host community and Rohingya varies – while the
Mahji system was created to be the primary source of information they only rank
7th in the trust factor this is due to lack of community involvement
in the selection process. It must be noted that the report found that AID
workers are neither trusted or looked at as a source of information.


Communication for Development (C4D), Community
Engagement and Accountability – Other Sector members engagement

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with different teams and gathering information has provided an insight into the
need for consistent and coherent dissemination of key life-saving messages across
Rohingya settlements, C4D suggestions are Community Mobilization Volunteer (CMV
– Mobile unit) which is incentivized and trained Rohingya volunteers for
tent-to-tent interpersonal communication, mobilization and engagement of
community/opinion leaders will need to be an area we have to further
investigate, particularly in the zones we offer services.


Reaching out to households with key
life-saving messages – details on health services, maternity, GG and CFS would
be beneficial not only to the community but for Friendship exposure. Encouraging
the community to develop dialogue with service providers is key in operational
success which has been well accepted and appreciated by the host government.


In addition to house to house message
dissemination by community volunteers, 45 Public Sector Announcements and
Phone-in-Programmes on key life-saving messages, have been repeatedly
broadcasted through radio channels Bangladesh Betar Cox’s Bazar and Radio NAF
that usually reach thousands of refugees and people in the host community. Are
we utilizing such mediums?