Dungeons The games era takes place in the medieval

and Dragons was created by game designers David Arneson and Ernest Gary Gygax
in 1974 and published that same year in January by one of the designer’s company
(Gygax’s). It was the first fantasy roleplaying game. Players choose their
character for an ongoing fantasy story that lasts for hours. It all started
back when Dave Arneson and Ernest Gary Gygax chose to decorate the huge battles
with their personal touch of their fantasy wargames with the adventures of
individual heroes. D&D has been edited more than once with the changes to
the rules and its name. The games era takes place in the medieval fantasy world
where several players form a group that is led by one player the Dungeon Master
(storyteller). They make up the events in the story or chooses one of the
published adventures. The players reply in different ways to create a never the
same gaming experience. Each player selects an origin (human, elf, dwarf,
halfling), a class (e.g., Fighter, Rogue, Wizard), and abilities for their
character, and they assign a little number of points to different traits
(Constitution, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma) that
determines the effective in the character actions. If the actions are
successfully, points are given to the matching features. The more parts the
actions has the more of a chance the player is likely to fail, and this is
resolved by rolling one or more of the polygonal dice. A grid as well as
miniature figurines are used to keep track of their characters’ movements. There
is an endless world of Dungeons and Dragons knowledge through novels that are
written by fantasy authors, board games, and video games. The purpose of
D is for you and your friends to tell a story together about leading your
heroes in the search of treasure, duals with fatal enemies, fearless rescues,
gallant plots, and so much more and of course to have fun with it.

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