During country’s main source of income. Since the workers


During the
period of the Weimar republic the Germans were victims of both political unrest
and economic instability. There were many murders, rebellions and riots against
the Weimar government in the years instantly after the first world war, this
threatened the Weimar republic. Between 1919 to 1922, there were over 350 political
assassinations in Germany, mostly carried out by ring-wing extremists. Wolfgang
Kapp, a right-wing politician and journalist gathered around 5000 men, mainly police
and ex-soldiers and took over the capital Berlin. Fortunately, less than 100 hours
as Germany’s leader, Kapp fled abroad. In March 1920, after the left-wing workers
in the industrial Ruhr stayed on strike.


The 1923 crisis began when Germany missed a
reparations payment.  This was also a great threat for Germany. French and Belgian troops
marched into the Ruhr, a rich and industrial area of Germany and took control
of every factory, mine and railway in the region. They also took food and goods
from shops and arrested any Germans who stood up to them. The German government
ordered its workers in the Ruhr to go on a strike. The German government
continued to pay the workers while they were on strike. Coal and iron was the
country’s main source of income. Since the workers weren’t working the German government
afford to pay the workers anymore. Consequently, they printed large amounts of
money to pay striking workers and to pay the money they owed to France and
Belgium. This caused Hyperinflation which impacted the Germany people critically.
As workers spent money in the shops, shopkeepers began to increase their
prices. Subsequently, the government printed even more money to help the workers
buy products, so shops increased their prices again. Soon prices were inflating
and money had no value. Hyperinflation led to many uprisings as groups struggled to take power from Weimar.
To fight the rebellions the German government needed money and thus continued
to print money.

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