During reform, later stating politicians of that period were,

the early 1900s, the creation of a new national security organization, the
Federal Bureau of Investigations, was achievable by the efforts of Charles J.
Bonaparte. With the establishment of this new organization, the eradication of
corrupt businesses and government officials had been possible. Also, with the
growth of this new organization, many outreaches, such as the teen/youth
academies, had been achieved.



from a lineage of successful kin, the success of Charles Bonaparte had been
fore-sought. Before conceiving the idea of creating the Federal Bureau of
Investigations, Charles served as a judge and a political activist for
progressive and liberal causes. Just as his uncle, Napoleon Bonaparte, served
France as a military leader and emperor, Charles served his as a political man.
Realizing public corruption of elected officials had been widespread, Charles
took interest in civil reform, later stating politicians of that period were, allies
and patrons of habitual lawbreakers (Bonaparte, Charles Joseph). Years later,
Charles along with other political reformers establish a non-profit
organization known as the National Civil Service Reform League, raising
awareness of electorate regarding crimes. During a meet between the Civil
Service Reform organization in Baltimore, Charles had met President Theodore
Roosevelt who later appointed him as secretary of the United States Navy and was
chosen to be attorney general. With the new job title, Charles continued
seeking reform on a national basis, launching antitrust investigations on
corrupt businesses and corporations. After realizing he had lacked in a
permanent investigative staff, Roosevelt directed Charles into forming a team
built of the justice department, later becoming known as the Federal Bureau of

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known as the Bureau of Investigations, the small group of 23 special agents
investigated crimes complying with national banking fraud, land fraud, various
forms of enslavement, and extortion. Being built off the aspirations of Charles
Bonaparte, bribery, undue influence and the need for fair and impartial
administration of the government had also been few of the misdeeds the FBI