E-ticket journey. But the same ticket can be found

E-ticket system provided hassle-free services
for which people did not have to wait in queues for hours. It is expected as
many as 90 per cent of ticket sale in Bangladesh would be through the online
system within 10 to 12 years. Though people are getting techno centric day by
day the advantages of e-ticket system is not well known to all. Especially
rural people are hardly aware of this service and its advantages. Moreover,
most of the railway users feel the current process of e-ticket difficult and
painful. A vast majority of customers still prefer to purchase tickets physically
across the counter.

Besides, it has been reported that many
customers have been deceived while availing online services. Passengers often
do not find mobile quota seats available. Now a day, it is found that tickets
are being sold outside of ticket counter by blacker at a higher price.
Passengers do not find seats in counters in Kamlapur and Bimanbandar railway
station these days even before 7-9 days of the journey. But the same ticket can
be found at the journey date sold by blacker at a higher price.

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A person who is sick or traveling with their
family is in extreme need of seats and so they buy those seats paying an
unusual higher price. Unfortunately, e-tickets are also sold in black and most
of the time general passengers cannot buy seats even from digital source of
ticketing. All this has given digital ticketing service a bad reputation.
Authorities need to address and solve these practical issues, if we are to make
Bangladesh a better country to live in peace.

The delivery of the e-ticket is done through
SMS. In this entire process, there is no need for anything other than a basic
phone with a mobile signal. So, as long as we can provide the right customer
experience, people in rural areas will adopt e-ticketing service in large

The government has introduced a large number of
e-services including railway e-ticketing. An electronic version of the paper
ticket, known as an e-ticket, is made available through a digital ticketing
system. According to a study on the Access to Information programme, titled
‘TCV Analysis of Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing System (2016)’, the Bangladesh
Railway (BR) has sold 2,039,224 tickets online since its inauguration in 2012.
The organisation has saved USD 1.6 million by adopting the e-ticketing system. The
total volume of transactions under this system was recorded to be around USD 10
million till 2015.