Easter, Paraguay is a magnificent country. Being in the

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5th December


is a magnificent country. Being in the heart of South America, Paraguay is
normally shrouded by its surrounding countries. Although hiding in the shadows
of Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil, however, those who come to learn of Paraguay
can find something truly historical. Having cultural links to the older Guarani
people, Paraguay is a newer rendition and offers tourists the chance to
experience something new.

is in the South American continent and arose from Spain when they separated in
1811. Although they have the free and equal form of government known as a Democratic
Republic, Paraguay’s government has a darker past under the “guidance” of
Alfredo Stroessner. After rigging the Government’s re-election laws and
regulations, Stroessner built the road he needed for a proper dictatorship. Although
keeping Paraguay regulated, Stroessner created several unlawful operations and
ran Paraguay in a possibly destructive manner. Under his rule, international
fugitives could hide from their crimes, and Paraguay would participate in
Operation Condor. Operation Condor was an attempt by South American rulers to eliminate
possible threats. If Paraguay willingly joined the operation, its execution (of
course still aggressive) would be evenly agreed on. However, the Paraguayan
people disagreed with their undiscussed participation in this possible
terrorism. Not to mention the destruction from the previous two wars (Chaco
war, triple alliance), Paraguay was still rebuilding their male population and economy.
Since the Triple Alliance war, Paraguay had a weakened male population and major
economic issues due to territory loss. And the Chaco war 0f 1932 allowed
Paraguay to claim some of the Chaco lowland, but the war still costed Paraguay
significantly. With all the factors in mind, Alfredo Stroessner would be
removed from office in 1989, allowing Paraguay’s return to democracy once more.

democracy restored, Paraguay is on their way to healing brokenness found in
their backyard. But, healing does not happen overnight. Paraguay is rigged with
inequality and poverty at every corner. After the drop in Paraguayan economy,
people began to question how they would fend for themselves, and more
importantly, their families. While some citizens were able to pounce on the new
opportunity by mass producing crops, others spent their time growing for their
families. Since the income of a plantation or large farm is more significant than
that of a family farm, inequality has become a major problem for Paraguay.
Along with the mass production of crops, a market would be needed to sell the
abundant resources an individual could create. With this, a large increase in
marketers arise. Product requires sellers. These sellers find themselves to be
street vendors or marketplace workers.

their troubled past of war and dictatorship, Paraguay still loves to relate to
their ancestral roots. Paraguay has a mixture of Guarani, a native American group
known to live in South America. With their own languages and cooking styles, the
Guarani grew across the South American continent, including what is now
Paraguay. This interesting and certainly authentic background is still seen in
Paraguay’s food and language today. Although the national language is
considered “Spanish”, Paraguay still includes root words and variations in text
seen during the Guarani’s flourishing period. This means that instead of the
average Spanish language, Paraguay may have words and writings that may be
unfamiliar to a classroom guided curriculum. Along with this variation of
Spanish, Paraguay also uses their own language in more socially acceptable
conditions. The native language Paraguayan Guarani is still used with locals as
a means for neighbors and marketers to talk to one another. As for the foods,
Paraguay takes pride in their historical cuisines soups, bread dishes. Uses
ingredients unchanged since the Guarani’s, Paraguay can reflect these older
dishes with high accuracy. And with Paraguay’s farming, several sides and
vegetables are available for every meal.

Paraguay’s mix of poverty and culture, it is understood why tourism of Paraguay
isn’t on the top of everyone’s list. Although it may not be the most appealing,
however, Paraguay has several activities, festivals, and landmarks that can
easily grab a tourist’s attention. Starting with tourism, Paraguay’s capital
holds fascinating tours and landmarks anyone can admire. Asuncion, being the
capital, has some of the most iconic buildings and tours Paraguay has to offer.
For instance, the Gran hotel del Paraguay is a luxurious spot not only for the
night, but you can also stay for the tennis, historical gardens, and tour. The
hotel allows you to stay within the safety of the capital while enjoying every
minute. As for the nighttime, Asuncion offers several night tours throughout
the city. For a more religious experience, the Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la
Asuncion is still in operation. The building and the area around is apart of
historical Asuncion. The cathedral is busy, so visits are short if available at
all, yet the church is open for the public especially for Sunday mass. Visitors
may want to look up the dates for saint celebrations as well. Since Paraguay’s
population mostly identifies with Roman Catholosism, celebrations for the
various saints are