Education learn further about how businesses use information to

Education is the most valuable asset a man could possess and one should attempt his best to continuously acquire it. These are the words which encouraged me to pursue higher education, and gave me the zeal to never stop learning.


The computer technology has been advancing at a breath-taking speed since the turn of the century. It has become a very crucial component in the lives of people as it is being used in every field of life that one can think of, ranging from healthcare to military and from study of micro-organisms to launching of satellites into the orbit. While technology development is important, it is paramount to have knowledge of choosing and incorporating the appropriate ones for different businesses based on their objectives and models. My time at Wipro Limited as a project engineer emphasized the aforementioned point when working on multiple client projects. I realized that using the right software for the given business requirements could play a cardinal role in determining the business intelligence of the company and thereby affect its position in a group of competitors. Although I picked up a wide array of software skills during my 4 years at undergraduate school, since the last few months, I started feeling that there’s a lot more outside the technical domain that’s fundamental to running a business successfully. I wanted to learn further about how businesses use information to improve company’s operation, how information systems could best be used to serve managers and customers, and how one could create systems to store and find data. I felt that pursuing answers to these questions while pursuing a Master’s degree in IS would accelerate the learning and make the whole experience worthwhile.  

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During my undergraduate program in Computer Science at Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College (SVEC), I was exposed to various courses which helped me in developing a good understanding of the fundamentals. Among the subjects that I studied, Data Structures, Data Analytics, Data Mining captivated me. Additionally, I was fascinated by the concepts and techniques used in Database Management Systems. The subject was like a hide and seek game, in which the hidden data will be extracted out by using related queries. In case of the languages, I developed a great interest towards C++ and Java and gradually used them to work on my projects.


I have participated in several intra and inter collegiate coding and programming competitions. My quest for knowledge has never been confined to the course work done at the college. I did my project work on DISCOVERY OF RANKING FRAUD FOR MOBILE APPS. The main aim of doing this project is to let the users know the true ranking of the app. I also have worked on another project with the title, VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. It is an application program that is used to keep log of visitors entering and exiting an institution or a community. Keeping log of visitors will help to increase the standards of security and thereby reduce the risk. While working on this project, the feedback from my project guide instilled me with confidence in regard to my programming skills. I also presented a seminar on the topic SCALABLE REAL-TIME OLAP ON CLOUD ARCHITECTURES in which a solution for retrieval of large amounts of data at a time from a database is done by using various tree structures and algorithms. To further explore the realms of the subject better I attended various guest lectures and workshops.


Apart from academia, I have organized many events such as Mohana Mantra, a national level Technical and Non-Technical Symposium hosted by SVEC for which more than 8000 students attended. Furthermore, I was one of the leading members of CETA (Computer Engineers Technical Association), a technical association for the students of CS branch, for three years. Working in groups which consisted of people from diverse backgrounds, and sometimes leading them, has nurtured my leadership and team work skills.


The interest I developed in Data Mining while attending the classes in my third year at SVEC pushed me to continue pursuing knowledge in this vast field. I followed it up by doing an internship at Cloudwick, where I got to learn and gain hands on experience on the applications of data mining in the retail industry. I learnt about the techniques and tools that are used to perform multidimensional analysis of sales based on products, regions, and customers. I worked with another intern and analyzed the effectiveness of various sales campaigns. Furthermore, I got an introductory knowledge about product recommendations and how they actually could be used effectively for the benefit of everyone involved in the business. 


Currently, I am working at Wipro Limited as a project engineer since December 2016. For the major part, my work includes providing network security by making use of data mining and data analysis on a large amount of client data. During this period, I was able to apply the theoretical knowledge I had gained earlier and link it up with the work that was at hand. While it has been a great experience working on various projects for different clients, I realized that I wanted to explore this field further, learn about information systems and also develop business related knowledge in the process. I feel that having a solid background in Management Information Systems would thoroughly complement my computer science skills and aid me in achieving my goals.


A detailed study of your prospectus on website, has assured me that University of Texas Arlington is the best fit for my interests and ambitions. It is at your university where research is an integral part of the department and the entire faculty is highly qualified. Among the research activities being done at your university, the work being done under the titles like Rate of Return and Mapping the Movers and Shakers aligns with my interests. Besides numerous resources and productive atmosphere, studying at your campus would give me an opportunity to broaden my horizon further with a chance to interact with people from different cultures, nationalities, and ideologies. Exposure to these kinds of diverse influences would help in development of my personality. I am confident that given an opportunity to undertake graduate studies at your university, I will work hard to live up to the high standards that are set up by your graduate community.