engines. business owners can use contact management systems to

Example an organization like Mzumbe university improve its management system by
managing some data which then can be used by the workers for conducting some
researches or for references.

technology to manage information:
Since managers have to use information during the process of planning and
organizing organizational activities, they have to use technology to manage
this information and access it at any time. Using
technological systems like management information systems, managers will
be in position to execute important decision and actions required in business
growth and development.U1 

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Use technology to manage business
contacts: Managers or business owners can use contact
management systems to organize and manage business contacts. These contacts can
be for customers, suppliers, or business partners. As a business grows and
expands, also the number of contacts for customers and suppliers will increase,
this will demand for a technological system, to help you keep these contacts
and retrieve them at any time. You can start by organizing your contacts;
separate your customers from your suppliers or partners. You should always
update the contact list of your customers, because some stay, while others go.

technology for human resource management:  After the
planning process, the business owner will have to execute their goals. 
During this process, they will need human which will help in accomplishing
specific tasks. Some of this labor can be skilled labor or semi-skilled labor.
 The manager or business owner can use technological tools like the
internet to post on online job entries. After this process, they can use
technological tools to illustrate tasks for each employee and also use
technology to monitor the performance of each employee. Example all most all
organizations use the information technology through internet in announcing job
post, and people can apply online.

following are the application of information technology in inter organizations,

An interorganizational system,
IOS, refers to the way combined businesses manage their relationships between
one another and their clients or customers. Businesses that sell similar items
or services, or require the help of other businesses to complete the sale of a
product are unquestionably linked in the market. An IOS system ensures that
communication between these businesses is efficient, creates healthy
competition and improves the services delivered to clients and customers. The
application of information technology in inter organizations are as follows

Information technology improve
competition, as there are some relationships between
different business partners or companies, through the use of information
technology these partners can increase some innovations to the business so that
they can be not the same with their competitor, the issue of competition
increases the goodness and the quality of products in the market. For example,
transportations companies they can have relationship but through application of
information technology each company concentrate on improving its services to
their customers, hence competition.

Supply chain management,
refers to the network and communication between interconnected businesses that
depend on one another to deliver a product or service to the public. An
interorganizational system creates automated communication between
interconnected businesses, or information that is programmed to update itself,
with minimal manual operation from a worker. Example the company’s that practice
supply chain management are like the coca cola company, Zara company Colgate,
amazon and other many companies. Basing on coca cola company, the main office
is located in Atlanta but their products are distributed to virtually every
country in the world.

Technology exchange, Running
an IOS requires the use of technology. Phones, computers, internet and
intelligent computer programs and software are used to send and receive
messages and store and interpret data. When one company implements and uses a
new technology in an IOS system, uniting companies automatically benefit from
this discovery. Technology is exchanged easily and encourages creators to
develop new products and programs. For example, the inter organization has led
to the relationship between company’s inside the country and companies outside
the country, this relation has led to the exchange of technology.

Reduce business risk,
every business takes risks during the process of production. These risks
include safety, financial and operational risks. An effective ISO system
reduces these risks, making sure each aspect of the business is being watched.
The system provides checks and balances that hold each aspect of the company
accountable to one another and joining companies.

applications of information technology in inter organization are