Entertainment Dawson college shooting in the city of Montreal.

has been a soft target of the media since decades. Be it comics, Hollywood,
rock and roll, rap music or video games. It is no surprise that the latest
villain that stimulates people to commit crimes is the violent video games. It
is no surprise that media raves and rants about the evils of video games to
insinuate the masses and intimidate the gaming industry and comes up with
clumsily manufactured outrages like the ones listed in some articles.

us study a few cases which was much talked about during the period the crime

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Lanza was the man who took lives of 27 in the Sandy Hook school shooting on
December 14, 2012. After killing  his
mother, he drove to the school with the mother’s guns and shot 20 kids and 6 adults.
. The NRA ( National Rifles Association) was quick to blame it on video games. Unfortunately,
his brother Ryan was  mistakenly
identified as the shooter because Adam had stolen the ID of his brother and was
wearing it. The media eventually realized its mistake but the damage had been
done. News travels faster than the speed of light. Ryan was accused of the mass
shooting and the media and virtual lynch spared no opportunity to seek his
head. They probed into Ryan’s profile and found that he “liked ” Mass Effect, a
video game they were pretty sure had guns. The effect  of media reports are such that the mob
believes everything wi thout giving it a second thought or waiting for further
investigation.a stretch. As a result Mass Effect facebook page was flooded with
threatening messages and accused the creators for aiding and abetting violent
attacks on innocent lives. For months Ryan had to prove his innocence. And
everywhere he was looked at with suspicion. Our media is adept in blaming
everything and anything but the criminal.

media created myth that video games were turning players into killers is the
Dawson college shooting in the city of Montreal. The shooter – Kimveer Gill.
The media instantly pointed finger at the video game Super Columbine Massacre
RPG, because Gill simply happened to mention to like this game. An in-depth
look into his private life revealed a lot of facts which were actually the
reason behind this action. Gill had posted in a Web site called Vampire- Freaks
more than 50 fotos of him in various poses holding a rifle. Below one foto he
had quoted – ” Lived fast, died young. Left a mangled corpse.” Below another
picture Gill wrote – ” I think I have an obsession with guns.” Another caption
he said –” anger and hatred simmers in me.”  He has written that he was lazy and hated
work, school and life. Hours before the shooting he wrote in the website that
he has been drinking whiskey since morning and he described his mood as “crazy”
and “postal.” A neighnour who lives across said he was a loner and hardly had
any friends. It appears that Gill had a psychological problem and had a
criminal bent of mind. He just happened to like the game but otherwise had an
obsession for guns. But the media claimed that video games stimulated the crime.

April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold murdered their classmates and
teachers at Colmbine High School. This time along with the violent video games,
media pointed fingers at the gun industry, pharmaceutical companies, school bullying.
Five years down, the FBI and psychiatrists have reached an entirely different perspective.The
psychiatrist believe that the reasons are simply inexplicable. Harris and
Klebold had been planning for an year to terrorize the entire nation . They wanted
to eclipse the carnage of the Oklahoma City bombing. They were
endeavouring  to create an impact so
devastating that the entire nation would shudder at their power. The
psychiatrists studied the facts that Harris and Klebold were radically
different individuals. While Klebold was hot tempered, depressive and suicidal,
Harris appeared sweet and soft spoken. But inwardly Harris was cold,
calculating and homicidal. While Klebold had self harming tendencies, Harris
wanted to hurt others. He was diagnosed as a psychopath. And unlike psychotic
individuals, psychopaths  are rational
and fully aware of what they are doing. Harris’s website posts were full of
hateful messages. They concluded that Harris was the mastermind behind the
attack and had he survived and escaped, there is no telling what he would have
done. But the media to grab attention and response from the public immediately
attacks the screens and controllers for the crime done by an individual who has
criminal tendencies.

media scrutiny of mass shooter’s gaming habits ignores base rates and leads to
confirmation bias. Considering the fact that 97% of teens play video games with
violent content, finding these games in a shooter’s home isn’t really evidence
of anything. In fact, studies linking violent games with even mild acts of
aggression remain controversial and have been rejected by every US court to
consider them; the US Supreme Court has described these studies as being
significantly flawed.

are millions of boys out there playing these games. Not everyone is turning
into a mass murderer. In 1950 the boogeyman for the media was comic books.
Every time there is new medium, it is pointed as the source of horrible
behavior. Its comic books ; its rock n roll music; rap music; its video games.

research and international and domestic crime data all point toward the same
conclusion: entertainment does not cause violent behavior in the real world. Violent
video games may have small insignificant influence on a person’s aggressive
nature, emotions and thought, but it’s a weak and meaningless link that makes
little difference in the real world.

as the families mourn for the loss of their loved ones, the real reason is not
untreated mental illness, comics, guns, or video games. The real reason for an
awful behavior remains unknown.