Ever everything? Well, I don’t, i’m just a time

Ever think about how the word is changing? How technology is becoming the main platform of almost everything? Well, I don’t, i’m just a time traveler. I mean what even is technology? I thought we had it good when they created artificial lighting.”Hunny, I have some bad news.” My wife said trying to hide her face”. “I know you really hate war and all that stuff, but.” My wife paused, “But what.” I said. I didn’t want to hear what I knew was going to happen. “You have been drafted.”My eyes widened and my face blanked for a second. As I came back to the reality of   what actually happened I decided to throw my telegram flat on the floor and stomp my way to bed.It was though that night where everything changed. I felt like the world was changing beneath my feet.I felt, real.As I was asleep I heard voices like never before. They used words that my people used, but changed them to sound so unprofessional.”Its awake Dr, kill it.” I heard as my eyes were slightly widening. “Kill it?” The Dr questions, “Why would I do something like that? It’s not like he can hear us.” The Dr said as the two laughed hysterically. What they didn’t know is that I could hear them loud and clear. But I didn’t really care, I was just fascinated about how cold it is in here. It only ever gets this cold during winter and it’s definitely not winter because when I went to bed yesterday I was so hot that I struggled finishing my work in the garden. “Aw, he woke up two years early,” The Dr said slowly in a deep voice as if he was ashamed in him self. The Dr then snapped back “Well, what are we waiting for.” Exactly, what i’m thinking. Seriously it’s getting real cold in here. I could hear that ear bleeding noise of glass smashing on the ground, my eyes started to burn, and I was then introduced to one gentleman and one lady.”Hello fine-,” the Dr said as I cut him off. “And what exactly do you think your doing, shoving people in majestic, cold boxes.” I said. “You mean a freezer?” The Dr questioned. I felt as if I was a fetus entering a world never before seen. “Freezer?” I muttered. The Dr looked me straight in the eye, “Yea, a freezer.” The Dr said as if I was a toddler learning how to speak English the first time. Our conversation wasn’t getting anywhere so I decided to go out and explore. I saw lots of people staring at a block of steel, tapping it, and laughing at it. It was strange.I need to get out of this place. But I can’t.Dear Diary, 5/22/2018