Every independent organizations such as the sunflower learning centre

Every child or person goes through a lot many
changes during their journey of life, and no two persons develop at the same
momentum. One may reach a stage early in life as compared to the other. Each
individual grows at its own pace. Reaching a stage earlier in life or later
generally does not indicate whether a child or person will be advanced or
delayed later in life.

life changes and different stages of life are called development milestones.
These are various capabilities developed over the period of time from being
simple to complex. Parent’s play an important role in developing their child in
a way which is well suited for their age. A parent should make sure that they
track their child’s growth timely so that every child reaches the correct milestone
at the right time. They should know that even though their children are
imbibing information like sponges, they still need to be guided to “use it all”
the correct way.

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parents do their bit, United Nations also has various organizations that provide
humanitarian and development to children and their parents especially mothers,
such as UNICEF, UNESCO for a better and healthier life.

pre-adolescents age is vital for growth and development. Various other
independent organizations such as the sunflower learning centre also work in
the same field.

working with kids of this age, the education system must be a culmination of
knowledge, health and etiquettes. The growing mind is a lot like clay, hence
can be moulded in any way. The language, behaviour and response to different
situations, social interaction etc. should be focused and worked upon as this
makes their basic nature. An example of this is Japan, children below the age
of 8 are not enrolled in schools, they are taught manners, etiquettes, and
always to be kind to all.

important is the education in today’s date, it also important to be empathetic
and generous; maintenance of personal hygiene and cleanliness in your
surrounding are some basics that need to be taught and practised. Toilet
training, sanitation and sex education are some vitals to look into.

of pressurizing or forcing knowledge upon the student, techniques of practical
learning should be practised more often as it will keep the learning process
fun, fruitful and engaging.

and self-love must be inculcated as it will always make one feel complete and

human nature to fear loss or defeat, but if taught to be optimistic and see the
positive out of each situation at this tender age, it will always motivate one
to learn, grow as a person.

good or bad habit practised at this age will be a part of their nature,
therefore practising all positive, healthy habits before kids is what they will
learn for their future. The age
group is that where the child actually transmits into the world and builds up
his or hers personality. The true foundation is formed during the tenure from 4
to 11 years. A human’s roots are the most vital part and it needs careful
nourishment and care. The foundation of a man is made based on its roots and
the roots aregrown at a very initial stage. You cannot let the plant grow and
then plan to enhance or rectify the roots. You can give your best treatment to
the roots only at the time its being grown or being set up. The root system of
a plant constantly provides the stems and leaves with water and dissolved
minerals, similarly the roots or the basics of a human provides with the
personality of a man which makes the man excel in life. The idea of comparing a
man to a plant was to understand the significance of the initial growth of
both. Both of them need a vital foundation at the base to grow and prosper. One
might say that a man can start prospering from the day he or she decides to and
I’m not opposing to that. One can only upgrade or modify the base structure but
cannot replace it. If the foundation from the very beginning is deep rooted it
shall sustain for long in the positive direction.


There are certain salient aspects of life
which a child shall go through during his race to become a man. The credential
value at the moment of these minute things won’t be much in our eyes seeing it
from the top but if we actually give a glance to these aspects we understand
the true influential power it upholds.


One of the significant and visible milestone
would be the child’s physical growth. This change would be clearly visible to
the parents and friends around. By the age of 5 years the infant almost doubles
his height hehad when he was born. The radical change in life is enjoyed and
brings smiles. Although for good development of an infant its important for the
parents to make sure they get adequate protein and vitamins. These nutrients
are crucial for a solid physical structure. The guardians are to make sure that
the infant gets a perfect combination of carbohydrates, essential vitamins and


Around the age of 4 to 5 the infant starts to
speak fluently and another task for the parents is to work on Language
Development of the child. They should be taught good vocabulary and grammar
skills. Parents and relatives should also avoid use of foul or indecent
language infront of infants as during this age the grasping power is at its
peak and they tend to grasp anything they hear around them and specially what
they hear from their parents and dear ones. A 4-year-old is a cooperative
playmate and would rather hang out with other kids than go solo. He/She start
to understand bonds and relations and want to achieve maximum .  In the language development its important for
kids to know the basic gender distinction. They need to learn to use ‘he’ or
‘she’ correctly and other identification of objects.


As the infant grows he/she becomes socially
active and strong  and hence its
important for parents to  keep an eye on
Social Development of the child. In the Social Development its important to
work on anxiety level of the child. During this tenure the child Shows empathy and develops real
friendships. He/ she starts to
care what his friends
think and wants to fit in. The child
can share better than
ever, though he may still have
trouble putting another’s needs ahead of his own.


Another important aspect as
it comes is of Toilet training which again is often ignored and not taken into
consideration as one of the primes but help in systematic and hygienic upbringing
of the child. Sanitation habits should not be ignored by parents at this
crucial stage. It may seem to be a very pity thing to work on but holds a
crucial point in the overall development . It is the tasks and skills children master that truly
identify what stage they are in. Because of this, different children of the
same age can be expected to be at different developmental stages.


Towards the age of 10 the
Child gets into power struggles with the peers as he/she gains confidence.. The
child starts to imitate the way parents or relatives interact with other people
and grasps the actions and body language. As the child gains confidence he
builds up a sense of humor and looks to peers for approval. The child feels he
is a grown up and also wants to become his own advocate.