Every proof consumer acquisition in multiple market places. Over

Every industry is going digital, even the ones who initially denied the opportunity. To initiate futuristic full proof consumer acquisition in multiple market places. Over the years, digital marketing has moved from being predominantly one-to-many mass media approach to one-to-one customer-centric. Furthermore, it has moved into a one-to-moment marketing. The year 2017 brought out the fact, that marketers should be more instrumental in their methods not only from the perspective of brand building and lead generation. But also from the fact of improving customer experience and initiating ways to improve post-sale services. With 2018, it would be only fair to look at the trends that will drive the year in the digital marketing front of businesses.


Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing is a method in digital marketing, wherein brands use high network intervals to increase the awareness of their products. In simple words, let’s say mr. X has a million-fan following/subscribes on his facebook page. He walks out for a cup of coffee and enters starbucks for a cup of coffee. Clicks a couple of snaps at the venue and posts it on his facebook page. The posted pics goes on to get about a couple of thousand views. If starbucks goes on to posts these pictures and then credits him for it, mr. X becomes an influencer marketer for the company automatically. The above example also goes on the decide how influencer marketing works in the digital world.


Programmatic Marketing


Programmatic marketing is a way of using technology to buy and sell media. It is a kind of booking mechanism to sell inventory to the advertiser. Programmatic is how digital media buying is done today. It is just an automated buying of all type of ad space across different media by making use of real-time bidding. The programmatic marketing help advertiser more intelligent way of connecting with the consumer.  It is also known as real-time advertising. Real-time advertising basic contain two types platform which is a supply-side platform like double click, app nexus etc. Where the publisher like forbes, cnn, espn etc sells their ad space to the advertiser and in other hand, demand-side platforms like double click bid manager, data xu and apexes etc where you manage the real-time bidding. These two platforms are being linked to an ad exchange where you manage all your ads and campaign. End of the day programmatic marketing is all about getting right ads to right people at right time.


Voice Search & Voice Ads


Voice search or voice-enabled search works on voice commands, through which user’s choice their material of search. The biggest players in voice search currently are google home and amazon echo. Having said the above, the fact that neither of these companies not being able to come with ways to advertise on this search platform is a point to be noted. Voice searches were expected to be a big hit in 2017, however, it didn’t happen due to several reasons known. 2018 is sure to bring in a market for this type of search given the hype it has created in the last few days.


Live Streaming Video Is The Next Big


Live streaming marketing is predominantly a natural extension of video-based marketing. This type of marketing makes itself alive through the use of live streaming. Live streaming has opened a new world to consumer interaction, due to the numerous benefits it brings with it. Some of the benefits it brings with it are cost effectivity on implementation, brings out more customer transparency and last but not the least, it helps in increasing a customer base, with its function of live streaming. Real-time live streaming videos drive a lot of user by making use of social media like facebook, instagram etc.


Artificial Intelligence & Chatbots


Over the years ai and chatbots have able to a good deal of help in improving customer experience. As they make the customers/consumers experience more personal. Also, they also communicate with website users and have conversations on a rudimental level. Furthermore, these bots help in lead generation and lead qualification. It also helps in team building, on a professional level.  The reasons of why these bots, aren’t a big deal today may be many. But the fact they will take the world by storm in 2018 is sure.


The trends listed above are only a few, given the growth rate of digital marketing in the last few years. Hence it is important for digital marketing companies and marketers to stay ahead of the curve in 2018.