Executives have unformal way of working. Porters 5 generic


Executives in Ireland operate differently in comparison to France. The
managerial structure and leadership style of Ireland is tall. Meaning that
managers are open to the opinion of employees and are willing to work in groups,
shown in figure 3. The Irish are a lot less strict compared to the French and
have a much more of an egalitarian environment. This means almost everyone is
at the same level of power, also shown earlier with the power-distance index. In
the Irish culture, it very important to have good human relationships.

Therefore, the Irish invest a lot of their time into building strong relationships
and a large network. The Irish are also very flexible compared to the French,
this is seen the extensions of deadlines for example. When negotiating or
conducting business in Ireland it is important for foreigners to understand the
Irish culture because they have a specific humor, are very relaxed and have
unformal way of working.

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Porters 5 generic strategy matrix analyses the competitive position of a
company. Ryanair’s main generic strategy is cost leadership, which means that
Ryanair has the lowest price compared to all other competitors in the market. As
shown in Ryanair’s value proposition, “offer direct, on-time flights at the
lowest fare in the market, with no frills.” (IN Slide share, Ryanair Business
Model) The second strategy is differentiation. Differentiation is making sure
your company is different from other competitors, having a unique selling point
(USP). Ryanair describes their target customer as “those who compromise on
comfort & all fare-conscious customers.” (IN Slide share, Ryanair Business
Model) Finally, focus, which is when a company targets a market where there are
few competitors (also called blue-ocean marketing strategy. Ryanair does have a
tall managerial structure, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operations
Officer (COO), HR manager, and legal secretary report directly to the CEO,
Michael O’Leary. The effects of having this structure in Ryanair are the
efficient use of resources, in depths skill specialization and development, top
manager direction and control, and high quality technical problem solving. However,
the disadvantages are, poor communication across functional departments, decisions
are concentrated at the top of the hierarchy therefore creating delay, responsibility
for problems are difficult to pin point and there is limited general management
training for employees.


6. Jean-Marc
Janaillac and Michael O’Leary Leadership Style Comparison


Janaillac and Michael O’Leary are able to manage and continue their companies
in a profitable and efficient way. This is because although they operate their
companies differently, they have many similar leadership characteristics. For
example, both are committed, confident, and creative. When Jean-Marc Janaillac
became CEO, he decided to align with KLM. This was a hugely successful decision
that displayed his risk-taking and out-goingness as his first big decision.

Michael O’Leary also made a huge decision when he became CEO that shows that he
is out-going and a risk-taker too. He focused on finding the lowest prices
possible which he achieved greatly. A quote that shows his out-going
personality is “MBA student comes out with “my staff is the most important asset.”
Bull****, staff is usually your biggest cost.” (IN Slide share, Ryanair
Business Model) Both CEOs are also creative. Jean-Marc Janaillac developed a
new model of airlines, which is between a traditional and low-cost airline. Michael
O’Leary is creative and a risk-taker because he decided to really focus on cost
and not worry about the quality of the services.


Communication Issues when Communicating
Across Cultures


Communication protocols differ
between cultures in a business environment. Due to these particular protocols,
friction can be cause when communicating across cultures. These communication
issues come from differences in basic values, for example the value in
emotional expression or body language and tone of voice. In some countries, it
is very important to read the body language and facial expressions but in
others not so much. France is a high context culture; therefore, people do read
the tone of voice and body language of colleagues and bosses. Ireland is a low context
culture; therefore, they rely on direct verbal expression. Another example of
communication issues between cultures is the dress code, some cultures dress
casually such as Ireland but some cultures can find this disrespectful. Language
differences cause a significant problem in business meets and negotiations. If
one has to use a translator or even is bilingual, jokes, slang and figures of
speech can be misinterpreted or misunderstood.