Family professional psychologist needed. The psychologist could calm the

Family assistance is an indispensable
part of palliative care. However, for all people, including the family of my client,
it was difficult to go through the death of their close relative. It meant that
all health care professional had to support the family who had lost their relative.
The family of my client needed a lot of support.

I saw Petrova’s relatives
suffering and agonizing a lot about their loss. Even though the death was
predicted by doctors and the family knew about it, when Petrova died, at first,
the family could not deal with it. They were confused, baffled and had no idea
what to do. As a result, a help od professional psychologist needed. The psychologist
could calm the family down and explain that this process was quite natural. I,
along with other professionals also tried to support them. Then the family realized
everything and could think about their future without Petrova. They became less
stressed, more emotionally stable and calmer. On the other hand, it seemed to
me that they we still confused by the situation and needed more professional help.

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There are different periods
after the loss of a family member. As I have seen the situation, my client’s
family had gone through all of these stages smoothly. However, the one of the
close relatives got stuck on the first stage and found it difficult to move on.
It was Petrova’s daughter. She was agonizing for a long period of time. That’s why
she needed additional psychological assistance. It goes without saying that the
death of the closest relative was one of the most terrible events in her life. I
did my best to find proper words to alleviate her terrible conditions. All other
health care professionals who had worked with my client also aided the daughter
during that challenging time of her life. With time, she could accept it and
but there was still a residue of sadness and sorrow.

As I have noticed during my
work in the hospice, the grieving relatives of Mrs. Petrova had different
conditions. As I have mentioned above, the daughter was the most vulnerable
one, suffering more than others for a long period of time. When I was talking to
her trying to calm her down, she told me that her mother was very important to
her, she spent lots of time with her and there was a strong bond between them.


For that reason, the relative
decided to resort to bereavement counselling. The importance of this method is
undisputable. After psychological support the daughter of Mrs. Petrova relieved
from bad thoughts and feelings. It also helped her to rethink everything and
continue living despite the death of Petrova.  All grieving relatives went through this kind
of counselling and, later on, it was clearly seen that the situation in the
family was stabilizing in a gradual way and all of them could put up with it
thinking about the future and seeing new opportunities of living without
Petrova in their lives.