Figure available”. The process may be instantaneously repeated and

Figure 3 is a flowchart of a method 300 for automatically providing MyTeleDoc application communications according to the concept of the invention disclosed herein. The flowchart displays a set of steps 305 – 358 that can occur according to the invention proposed herein to automatically send “request for service” message to one or more of the physicians in the database.

In step 305, a user (patient or guardian) activates their MyTeleDoc app and can select their symptoms or service type and hit submit. The user may activate the MyTeleDoc app by clicking on the touchscreen app icon using the input mechanism or through the activation of a preconfigured hardware button (i.e. Siri for iPhone, Bixby for Galaxy, Alexa for Amazon etc.) and requesting his/her desire to use MyTeleDoc app. After the symptoms/service are submitted, the MyTeleDoc server 220 may internally processes the information 310 and cycles through a database of physicians 235 before presenting the user a physician 315 from the database that matches the users’ symptoms or service type requested and availability.

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The user from step 305 may proceed with the selection 320 or request a new physician 323 after viewing the listed credentials and physician rating. If the user declines the chosen physician, process repeats and MyTeleDoc server 220 finds another physician matching the service request. If user accepts 320, the selected physician receives a notification on their MyTeleDoc app (physician version) on their mobile device or through their email address. The physician is then prompted to accept the appointment 330 or decline the appointment 333. If the physician declines 333, the user may be notified that ‘physician is no longer available”. The process may be instantaneously repeated and user presented with a new physician from the physician database 310. However, if the physician accepts 330 the ‘request for service’, the MyTeleDoc server 220 is automatically activated and finds a provider in the patient’s locality from the MyTeleDoc database 245 335. MyTeleDoc application displays the provider 340 and their credentials. The physician may then proceed to select the presented provider 345 or request a new provider 348. If the physician requests a new provider, MyTeleDoc server may instantaneously match them with another provider from the database. If the physician accepts the provider, then a notification is sent to the selected provider 350.

The selected provider 350, may then prompted to accept 355 or decline 358 the ‘request for service’. If the provider declines the appointment, the physician may be informed that “provider is no longer available” and the process may instantaneously repeat and the physician is matched with a new provider from the database 335. If the provider accepts the appointment 355, a notification is sent to the user’s 502 and physician’s mobile device 652 applications and through an email.