Final from the normal condition, an immediate Alert is


Final Year –B. Tech Information Technology
Sri Sairam Engineering College
West Tambaram
Chennai 600044






ABSTRACT-Generally, Safety of women, children
and or the elderly is always questionable . There is no automatic Process to
initiate help. In the proposed work, the General Heart Beat is measured and
Monitored using Embedded Hardware and Alert is created in case of any
Emergency. As a modification, an Android Application is developed and is used
to track the location of the affected girls. The HB sensor is used to monitor heart
beat rate of the girl. If the range is changed drastically from the normal condition,
an immediate Alert is sent to the server which in turn is sent to Parents and
or to the nearest police station,  who
can also track the location of the girl using GPS.  We also include voice calling to the parents in
case of parents not being unnoticed of the message. We will obtain normal photo
of the user, in case of emergency (harassment) both normal profile photo of the
user as well as run time photo captured through the camera is also sent as
email to the parents.

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Index Terms—Authentication, HB
Sensor, Notifications, Smartphone, User Behaviour, Biometrics, Progressive Authentication,
Implicit Authentication.


phones are no longer the devices that are used only to make  calls or send  text messages. Acting as pocket PCs, smart
phones can be used to deal with complicated tasks such as Sending or receiving
e-mails, shopping, mobile payment, etc. Screen locker is a fundamental utility
for smart phones to

Prevent  the device from unauthorized use.

One of the greatest concerns is the possibility of
breach in security and privacy if the device is seized by an outside party. Classical screen lockers have been proposed long time back. The
most widely used one is (1) Slide-to-Unlock
wherein the user can unlock his/her phone by sliding his finger across a
defined trajectory. This method is too simple to protect user’s privacy.

PIN, the most common method used by

digital device. However, due to the relatively small screen and frequent
unlocking request, it is inconvenient to set long and complex PIN on phones.
For example, there are only four numbers allowed to be set as unlocking PIN .Such
a short and simple PIN can often be easily guessed . (3) The user can
pre-define a graphical password, like connecting at least four circles shown in
the screen. Being similar to the PIN, simple graphic passwords are easy to be
peeked and guessed, while the complex pattern may confuse the user and make
As much as these devices have gained in popularity, the
security of these devices continues to be a major concern for
manufacturers and users alike.


just to simply concentrate on Phone Unlocking, Instead this can be used as a
part of imparting safety measures to girls/children /elderly people. With the number
of criminal acts towards women increasing at such an appalling rate, it is
evident that a method is required from the technical community to ameliorate



the design and development of an  Android
Application that is used to
track the location of the affected girl and rescue the affected at the earliest.
The HB sensor is used to monitor the pulse rate of the girls. If the
range of the Heart bate rate

changed drastically from the normal condition an immediate Alert is sent to the
server ,which in turn is sent to the Parents from the Girls Mobile itself .
Parents can track the location of the girl using GPS and automatically Google
Map is initiated in Parents, also it will send an alert to the nearest hospital
or Police Station in case of parameters turning to abnormality. The
mobile numbers of the intern person will be stored in the database. Each intern
person will be provided with the authentication, using which, they can access   their respective mobile application. Then
the intern person either being the Police or the Guardians or both will track
the location of the girl using GPS and they will take the remedial action for
the needy with minimum response time.


A .              Preface


2013 stated that
35 percent of women around the world have been victims of violence towards
women.The police are not able to help, as information about the crime does not
reach them in time, if at all.

With the advent
of Technology ,there have been developed a number of good counter measures ,but
none of them have been instantaneous. Here the proposed system allows the girl/victim to
get instant help based on the criticality
of their situation through an intelligent
mobile application.


B.            Design objective

First of
all ,the application allows its users, who are being provided with their own
login id ‘s and passwords ,to register two patterns . One being the EMMERGENCY
PATTERN and the other One being the PHONE UNLOCKING pattern which is added as a
feature to distinguish their working that is based on hand waving methodology. Here
we use some intelligent data mining
techniques such as Simple Vector Machines to capture different handshakes.

applying the emergency pattern, the communication begins and rescue plan gets


On the
other hand, the heart beat sensor is attached to the body of the user, is
enabled to automatically initiate the emergency signal, which gets triggered by
the abnormal values as read by the HB sensor.



To develop a mobile
android based app that will help in rescuing people at the earliest, thereby
saving lives.

The idea can also be
used in monitoring the security of elderly people as well.

The major objective of
this project is to “Provide  help at the earliest” and to ensure
the  safety of women.



safety of women ever remained as a biggest challenge in India and in other
countries too.
Many preventive measures have been
taken by the government to stop these misbehaving activities but still has not
affected the growing rate of these crimes and has remained less effective. The
major issue in the handling of these kind of  cases by the police lies in constraints that
prevent them from responding quickly to calls of  distress. These constraints include not
knowing the location of the crime, and not knowing whether the crime is actually
occurring or not at all. Similarly at the victim’s end, reaching the police
assuredly and discreetly is a challenge. In order to overcome these constraints,
this paper introduces a mobile application that provides women with a reliable
way to place an emergency call to the police. We
all should focus on ensuring a society which is secure for all the women around
the globe so that they can experience equality and justice. So it is primitive
to provide an application which helps the women to tackle this problem rapidly
and efficiently. The user can
easily and discreetly trigger the emergency function by shaking her phone, or
automatically when the heartbeat values reaches abnormal ranges. This paper
describes the application, its development, and its technical implementation .Also
it emphasises on the distinct features of the proposed system and how it
overcomes the demerits of its counterparts.


Thus it is evident that these
reasons motivated us to develop a more efficient mobile application with heart
beat sensor and Bluetooth device ,that can provide help at the earliest.



The developed application is to be
installed on  the user’s android mobile phone.
The initial screen consist of the user registration Process where the user has
to register her basic details such as name, blood group, date of birth,
residential address and guardians contact details.


The second module being the pattern
registration ,where 2 distinct patterns have to be registered by the user.The
reason for implementing two distinct hand waving patterns is simply to
differentiate their working behaviour .


patterns being :




An unlocking Pattern like the one shown
below can be registered.A slightly different pattern for Rescue operations can
be registered.







The third module deals with the actions
that take place during distress and are triggered both automatically as well as
manually, in order to accustom the situation. The help has to be initiated only
when the severity of the situation demands. Thus in support of the above
statement, both methods of help are considered.


LIVE TRACKING is an added functionality that when activated on the
guardian’s phone ,can continuously track the location of their daughters.


a)  The
automatic help is triggered when :


HEART BEAT RATE reaches abnormality
–which is induced at the time of any harassment /assault.


And the following gets initiated all at
a time ,irrespective of the severity level:


location of the victim is initiated and converted to a URL and that is sent as
a message to the contacts mentioned during the registration ,which may include police,gaurdian,ambulance/hospital
contact details.


audio/voice  of the (victim) current
situation is recorded and uploaded to the server. A  link is created and sent as SMS to the
registered numbers, in order to let the concerned people know about  the seriousness of the situation.


run time image as well as the normal photo of the victim which is required to
confirm the identity of the person to be rescued ,is taken and is sent to the
already registered contacts.


The police station or the control room
that lies within the shortest radii is chosen and is contacted further just as
shown below:



Fig 1:Shows how the application
finds the nearest police station and or the hospital


b)  The Manual help is triggered when
the victim feels that she is unsafe and that she needs help immediately:


At the time of critical
situation, the user is expected to make hand waving movements using her android
phone ,as per the one ,done during the registration and after verifying
the  pattern numbers by the app ,the
either of the following is to be done:

The user is expected to
press the one of the following:

VOLUME DOWN BUTTON on the android device –to seek help
from guardian and the nearest hospital for emergency support.

VOLUME UP BUTTON –to seek help from the guardian and
the nearest police station.

In this Manual Methodology, in order to contact both
of them ,then it is required to press both the buttons sequentially .

Each of the action mentioned in the fig 2,takes place
without any lag and thus the victim is saved on time.

A Buzzer is to be pressed within a stipulated time
,say 10 seconds ,when the heart beat rate reached abnormal condition but the
user has not actually met with any tough situation.In that case ,the automatic
help will not be initiated.

Fig 2:Shows the steps

VII .    

There has been
prior work with the goal of improving women’s safety, including work in mobile
applications. Below are discussed briefly three applications with a purpose to
serve the womanhood:


Go fearless


This mobile
application sends a message with the user’s GPS coordinates to a list of
emergency contacts when a button

on the app
screen is touched. The coordinates are updated and resent with every 300m
change in location




This mobile
application sends a message to pre-selected contacts when the power button of
the phone is pushed twice which is alarm based.




This mobile
application produces a high-pitched alarm upon shaking of the phone, and
notifies friends of the attack. It also sends a snapshot of the same using
wireless networking techniques.



Although other
applications that aim to provide safety to women exist, the proposed system stands
apart in that it initiates help or distress signal automatically. Additionally,
it is free of charge and open-source, allowing improvements and customizations to
be made easily for speedy replication of the application in other



The aim of this paper,
therefore, is to effectively build a strong platform for woman and child
empowerment in our

society. We endeavoured
to achieve this by creating a mobile application that:


1)Has a
straightforward user interface for speedy use.

2)The use of hand
waving movements to unlock the phone  ensures
 the fact that it is difficult to forge
such movements which can  also be
customised by the user .

This feature is
supported by the Memes sensor and the Gyrometer which are by default ,present
in the mobile phones.

3)Ensures the
alert message is sent to the police,guardian,hospital on time.

4)The choice of
using heart beat sensor is known for the very reason that ,any shocking or
deadly situation is reflected by the fast heart beat rates and since it is tiny
,it can be considered as  wearable ,(say
like a handy keychain).

5) Allows the
user to activate said alert discreetlyàmanual as well
as automated both are imparted.

6) Monitors
locations where crises are taking place and reports the same to the police as
well as notify the user’s emergency contacts and ambulances.


The choice of
creating a mobile application to achieve the problem statement was due to the
fact that a mobile phone is normally carried on one’s person, more so than a
separate hardware device that could be misplaced. Additionally, in an uncertain
situation, the App’s discreet trigger leading directly to an official police
helpline is a more feasible solution than explicitly attempting to place a call
to a normal being.





MySQL, officially, but
also called “My Sequel” is the world’s most widely used open-source
relational database management system (RDBMS) that runs as a server providing
multi-user access to a number of databases, though SQLite probably has more
total embedded deployments.


Applications are usually developed in java programming language using the Android
software development kit (SDK), but other development
environments are also available.


It is mobile operating system developed by Google inc, and is
completely written in java programming language. The app is completely developed using the “Android Studio”
 which has got everything under one roof.


Today in the current
global scenario, the prime question in every girl’s mind, taking into account
the ever rising increase of issues on women harassment in recent past, is only
about her safety and security.

only thought haunting every girl is when they will be able to move freely on
the streets even in odd hours without worrying about their security.

The system resembles a
normal cloves which when activated, tracks the location of the victim using GPS
(Global Positioning System) and sends emergency messages using GSM (Global
System for Mobile communication), to three emergency contacts and the police
control room.

The system also incorporates a screaming alarm that uses real time clock,
to call out for help and also generates an electric shock to injure the
attacker for self defence.


FIG 3  :The use of sensors ,fitted to measure
heart beat rate.


Using public GSM network resources and the short
message function of TC35i communication module, we realized the data
transmission between electric heart beat monitor and other devices. This new
electric device send data to doctor in the real time, and its convenient for
doctors to realize the Changes of the patients’ heart rates, it can also reduce
the workload of doctors ,in other words ,it can improve the working efficiency.

This design is of strong practicality and
extensibility, it can transmit the data to PC in order to carry on the analysis and
statistics, and its very convenient to doctors to track treatment.Thus
a Fastest
rescue plan is exercised.

help save WOMEN, who are considered the backbone of a family-being the
daughters,mothers,wives,sisters…. ,and they are to be respected.


It is indeed a great
opportunity and a better exposure to invent great ideas  and to motivate young minds in the field of
technology and engineering. I would like to thank everyone for their
involvement  in the project and also
would like to thank my mentor and the institution for the wonderful opportunity


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