Finders for computer games, his skill earns him to

Finders Keepers, written by Emily Rodda who is also known for writing other books such as: The Lake of Tears series, The Rondo Trilogy ect. is a science fiction based novel made in the early 90’s. This book intended audience was young readers, in which Finders Keepers earned itself the acclaimed Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Book of the Year for Young Readers Award. Due to the authors somewhat simplistic, but complex styles of writing and producing the books situations is one of the many reasons why I think that Finders Keepers is a all around good read–if you do cater to more science fiction/comedy based novels. If you want to read Finders Keepers, but you’re not really a science fiction person, I highly suggest you take time to divulge in the book’s many exciting and adventurous settings! Patrick, the main character, has a talent for computer games, his skill earns him to be invited to a television game show that transmitted from a parallel dimension. I, of course would seem at the least a bit wary of accepting an invitation to a prize winning game show over a computer, but Patrick does seem to be a quite gullible. Finders (contestants), from the real world win valuable prizes by hunting things that accidentally fall through the Barrier from the parallel universe into ours. On a Saturday morning, Patrick tunes into the program on TV, and he suddenly gets pulled through the television into the parallel universe. While in the parallel universe, Patrick makes many friends, learns a lot about space-time continuum, thus him learning to value more things than just materialistic things, like his new computer that he desperately wants. Anyone who ever wonders where their missing pair of miscellaneous socks ever went and enjoys reading adventurous, comedy, and science fiction related books should really take time and read this lively, action packed adventure taken place through two drastically different dimensions! I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a brilliantly written novel by Rodda. The authors writing style is very understandable and funny, because this book was intended for a younger age group. Finders Keepers is actually really different to the other books Rodda has written, this is a novel with illustrations, and most her books are fantasy fiction on top of them also being series’. This book definitely evoked some emotions while I read it, there were some ‘literal laugh out loud’ moments. This book is really similar to the books that I have read and are interested in, I’m glad I chose this entertaining book. The book was so entertaining, that it was made into a Australian television show. The show was called; The Finders, it first aired in October of 1991, directed by Scott Hicks.All in all, Finders Keepers can interest and entertain you, it leaves you wanting more. That is what exactly happened to me, while reading, I found myself continuously reading the book, chapters at a time. Finders Keepers is bound to leave you at the edge of your seat!