Finn all share the same information every day and

Finn Lau Yong Huan


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Narrative in Visual Culture


On assignment 1 Structured
proposal, I analysis a film from Netflix called “What happen to Monday” direct
by Tommy Wirklo. On this Final Project: Case study I continue with the film I
am using on last assignment to case study a theoretical analysis of the
narrative of a work of visual culture.


   First of all, after so many years we have
been living on this planet we come through the year 2043, which is the era of
overpopulation causes a serious worldwide crisis, resulting in a strict
one-child policy enforced by the CAB as the Child Allocation Bureau. When a
family has multiple children are born by the mother, all the youngest are put
into a thing call cryosleep, which keeps the children to sleep until the
population decreasing to certain point that is safe for the world and they are
put back into the world. Karen Settman passes away when she gives birth to
identical septuplet sisters. Her dad Terrence names the kids after the days of
the week and trains them to pose as a single person and give this single person
an identity as her mum name “Karen Settman”, and they only allow to leave the
house on the day of their name. To keep this as their secret, their grandfather
ensures they all share the same information every day and replicates any
accident that affects one of the sisters’ physical appearance. The sisters are
required to wear wig and makeup to cover any identifying features.


On Monday, when “Monday” after
going to work and fails to return home, “Tuesday” try to retrace her steps and
Tuesday find out Monday got the promotion at work and met her Co-worker at a
bar. Before she can investigate furthermore, C.A.B. agents arrest her and
disconnect all her gadgets to prevent anyone traces her location. Cayman the
head of C.A.B tell her, she knows about the settmen siblings, and Tuesday
trying to offer a bribe, Cayman reveals her sister Monday offered the same deal
to her. After that, Cayman orders the agents to assassinate her. The agents got
Tuesday eye to bypass a retinal scanner at their apartment. When the agents
break in, the sisters kill the agents but Sunday dies and figure out the eye is
Tuesday, the sisters suspect someone may have sold them out. The next day,
Wednesday leaves the house without undercover herself and confronts her
co-worker. He said Monday got the promotion when “Karen” transfer
millions of euros to Cayman funding her campaign. The others sister remotely
guides Wednesday, Adrian the C.A.B agents shows up at the apartment, concerned
about “Karen” as he didn’t know Monday got another 6 siblings.
Thursday convinces Saturday to leave the apartment with Adrian, who also had a
long-term sexual relationship with Monday. After going to Adrian apartment, she
has sex with Adrian and covertly links their bracelets, allowing Friday to log
into C.A.B. HQ. On a live cam, they find Monday in a holding cell, while agents
kill Wednesday after he leaves his apartment.

However, Thursday convinces
Adrian to stand on their side by telling him Monday is still alive. Adrian
sneaks Thursday into C.A.B HQ as she pretends she is prepared for cryosleep, a
child is on the process goes cryosleep, Instead of being frozen, she is
incinerated and Thursday records the whole footage. she fights through the
guards, They rush to her cell and rescue Monday but they realize it’s actually
Tuesday. They deduced is actually Monday betray them. After fighting in the
bathroom with Monday, Thursday shoots Monday and leaves her for dead, when
Cayman hosts a fundraiser. Tuesday and Adrian broadcast Thursday’s video
footage. The crowd was shocked what the Cayman is doing. Last but not least the
Child Allocation Act is repealed and Cayman getting a death penalty. Thursday,
Adrian, and Tuesday watch Monday’s and Adrian’s twins develop in an artificial
womb. Tuesday and Thursday rename themselves, Terry and Karen.


Figure 1 Theverge website,
last accessed: 13 December 2017

The purpose of this study
is to gain a better understanding of how Karen Settmen as Noomi Rapeace act on
7 roles at the same times which 7 siblings actually act by her. She plays 7
roles, each of them have a different personality and look, they appear in the
same scene at the same time and communicating with each other almost all the
time, which I believe it was a very big challenge for her, even nowadays with
so much professional software and programme to make that easier to be happen on
the screen. Other than that, on some of the scene you can see how realistic
this is our future is with overpopulation and all the skyscrapers huge enough
to fit in more than hundreds of peoples with on a daily normal street full of
crowded people, the view is unbelievable insane but feel so realistic, I went
to China once, China with 1.37 billion people, it just looks almost same as the
scene. Last but not least, this movie stage props are on points, the vehicle
looks futuristic, the bracelets on their hands are their own unique identical
with face, name, height and so on to prevent anyone cheating on the system.


Moreover, that’s a point,
pointed out one very important point is our world now in each country and
government or organization. The Child Allocation Act as the organization and
Child Allocation Bureau as the government, both of them are telling the people
what they are doing is helping the world, creating a better future for us, they
kept the secret under their table, making an environment to praise them as our
new god. The Child Allocation Act tells and promote to people, they keep your
child safe and frozen to sleep, they’ll be wakening soon and the Child
Allocation Act team up with Child Allocation Act to arrest family who had more
than one child. I personally feel like this scene are telling us, nowadays the
government and the origination doing everything to benefit themselves and make
a big deal under the table then release a statement to the people, making all
the environment to look like they are helping our world without giving us, 8
billion people a chance to make a decision for our self.


The Theoretical analysis
to supports thesis statement and displays comprehension of theoretical ideas of
this movie. As I said I can totally see our future in this movie. First of all,
the building, nowadays all around the world are trying to build taller and
taller building, as now that is a landmark for the country, but in the future
that is a technic for building taller building for people living in. No matter
upper class, middle class or lower class. I believe in our future there is no
terrace house exist, all people need to stay in a small apartment just like
somebody say its look like a prison. For example, Hong Kong/New York City the
terrace house is extremely expensive, the only person who is filthy rich are
able to afford it to live there. Next, is the population. By research, the
world population growth amounts to around 83 million annually or 1% per year.
The global population has grown from 1 billion in the year 1800 to 7.6 billion
in 2017. It is expected to keep growing and has put the total population at 8.6
billion by mid-2030, 9.8 billion by mid-2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100. The
population keeps on 1% growth rate, we are expected to have an overpopulation
earth in our future, causing food crisis where food is not produced enough for
overpopulation world. For example, a few years ago because, China was
overpopulation. So, China was very restricting by having a one-child policy, if
you accidentally have another baby you could either abortion or paying few
thousand dollars to allow second child but recently China changes their policy
allowing people having their second child. 
In a scene in the movie while Sunday went to the market to bought rat as
their dinner at the same time, they have a system to track you on the bracelet
that you only can bought certain amount of meat. They need to make sure no one
is buying more food than they actually need. On the other hands, our technology
is getting better, in recent year there are many different products are
invented by taking our world such as the Telsa car, smartphone, smartwatch, AI
robot and so on. In this movie, you can clearly see the technology has getting
better in the year 2043, with self-driving car and reduce the voice as quiet as
they can with the car design is cleaner and streamlining. Their bracelet is
another point which we in 2018, we got our smartwatch, compare to the movie
maybe our smartwatch is not as unique or identical as them but we are slowing
getting better each year.


This movie is a
near-future dystopia movie, utopia telling us what the world is good to be,
Utopias usually are criticised because they violate the reality principle as
represented by our knowledge of history. They never actually work out, or when
you try to use violence to bring them about what you get is totalitarian
regimes. For example, Hitler’s ideally Germany would be an example of utopia.
Utopia has a very bad name among the historians, and many historians think
wherever you have utopian speculation you cannot have historical realism. Where
you have historical realism, you will never have utopia. Most of the historians
believe we cannot predict the future on the basis of that and they’re against
any kind of idealization of the past. Same as this movie content, the
government is “trying” to control the population but they did lie to their
citizen to bury their child and they did not invent anything call cryosleep to
frozen the children for years and then defreeze them and continue their life.
Because Most of the utopias are about idealizations of the past or predicting
the future but utopia and history have nothing in common.


 Lastly, our world is defiantly getting better
each year but population growing and skyscrapers are keep building around the
world without any doubt. To be honest, we can’t stop the kids getting born they
have the right to live on this plant given by our god. We won’t face this
reality until our world is creating a lot of problem by overpopulation. Other
than Technology is moving forward really fast, factory replaces labor worker by
machine and causing people unemployment, so do self-driving car may cause taxi
driver or bus driver losing their job. This movie predicts our future in many
way, at the same time being sarcastic over a restrict one-child policy but then
cancel one-child policy but creating crisis but never told what can we do to
solve the problem they have having.