Fire geological age, when forms of plants, which were

Fire Research Paper
Since the dawn of the time, the “discovery” of fire of  by the prehistoric man, has been one of the most important discovery of the planet Earth, changing forever the natural history of the planet Earth. The control of fire, defined humanity’s course. Even today fire appears at the center of many of popular scenarios, such as in nature or domestic life. Still, the wonderful history of fire, and the varied ways human societies have seek to use as best as it can, the trajectory of change over centuries is not well known.

Man’s discovery of fire
The discovery of fire is considered, in  present days, by many scientist, as an accident, is mostly believed that the discovery happened when a lightning would strike some sort of wood, or even a forest and as a result, fire was created, and at the time, it probably amused and scared the early men, known as the human predecessor, the Homo erectus during the Early Stone Age. Witnessing such happening the Homo erectus, either tried to recreate fire or steal it, in order to control it.  Fire provided a source of warmth, light, knowledge, protection, and a method for cooking food.

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Conditions needed to start a fire (naturally)
The natural conditions to star a fire, is a lightning or spark touching something in dry conditions. And it was million years ago, during the geological age, when forms of plants, which were matter suitable for burning. From then on, most places on Earth with seasonally dry vegetation were regularly visited by fire, ignited on rare occasions by falling rocks, volcanic eruptions, or extraterrestrial impacts, but mostly by lightning.

Ways to start a fire (naturally)
There are various ways to create fire, following the primal and natural way. There is no need for the environment to be free of extremely windiness or wet conditions. All is needed to Friction-based motions or devices, to make fire, these methods are difficult. There are different techniques you can use to make a fire with friction, but the most important aspect is the type of wood you use for the fireboard and spindle.
The spindle is the stick used to spin in order to create the friction between it and the fireboard. If you create enough friction between the spindle and the fireboard, you can create a fire.
Before using the wood, to start a friction based fire, the wood must be dry. Otherwise fire will not be created. Some techniques are the “Hand Spin”, the “Rock Spark or the “Flint and Steel”

Chemical elements needed to start a fire:
Fire as natural force, it has a history. Speaking chemically, fire is a process of “highly accelerated oxidation of matter (fuel) induced by heat (ignition)”. The three conditions that are obligatory for it to occur are oxygen, fuel, and heat.