fire out, but blamed all who were involved for

fire and igniting hatred
toward other communities causing a mass amount of violence and terror, but what
exactly is being done by our government to correct and prevent future

            The recent incident that happened in Charlottesville, VA is
a great example of how the leader of the U.S handles situations such as this.
In Donald Trumps’ speech about the riot, he condemned hatred, bigotry and
violence on all sides. This statement clearly offended and angered many,
including his fellow republican politicians. Trump refused to point any
specific party out, but blamed all who were involved for participating in such
a violent protest. White supremacists have always been around and are just
recently starting to surface again with the election of Trump. The incident in
Charlottesville was not the first and definitely will not be the last if our
government continues to allow these assemblies. The Supreme Court has
recognized that the government may prohibit some speech that may cause a breach
of the peace or cause violence, but why then are these protest still allowed? White
supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan stand for hate. Hate against any other races
and religions. These groups are inciting violence all over the country, but
nothing is being done to stop them.

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Regarding free speech,
the U.S. and Europe have very different views, and at one point in time these
views existed in perfect isolation, but now it seems that globalization as well
as the internet are bringing them into conflict. Individual rights win in the
U.S. while equality and the group win in Europe. An example of how these
nations differ is freedom of speech in regards to censorship. In Germany, the
minister of justice had previously threatened social media giants and search
engines such as Facebook, Twitter and Google search, telling them that they needed
to do a better job and move quicker to take down hateful posts that violate
German law. He then proposed a new law that would discourage such threats. For
Americans, the idea of the government forcing social media to censor posts may
seem to resemble China’s internet