First, along with you.” You’re doing the world a

First, at some point you feel that everyone who you have ever known is dead. How do you feel? Does anyone come? Or maybe it is the emptiness of remembering a good time in your life, a time you know you can never revisit? How can you feel when all that exists is you? The world is just falling and you’re on it. You can’t move. You can’t breathe. Your eyes haven’t opened in years. Life passes on and you can’t enjoy it. Do you feel traumatized yet? You should. This was your choice, wasn’t it? You don’t have any right to complain.  Next,  it’s easy . Easy when it’s just you.  You can hear the ice thawing. It freezes again. You wonder if this thing will malfunction. Maybe then you can do. Were you hoping someone will come and realize what has happened. You weren’t supposed to be awake. You were to be sleeping. Then maybe this is all a bad dream.  Of course it isn’t. You remember when they froze you. You played the love theme from Star Wars in your head, didn’t you? The room was black with white lights, sharp lights illuminating all theglorious science that was going on. The cold kissed you with long foggy finger. You shiver. You’re invincible then, having nothing to lose.No family to say goodbye to. The only thing to say goodbye too was yourself. You could say goodbye to your freedom, cause you’re not getting it back. Therefore, you have no reason to live. Your mind agreed along with you.” You’re  doing the world a favor ,” they said. ” I know,” you said.  Weren’t you a normal person then? Weren’t you the talk of the town? Then the lightbulb went red and you prepared for sleep but that never came. You couldn’t move, not even a single inch. Your brain remained warm. The world slowly passing by. Every day reporters came,and photographed your picture. Then they dwindled and came less and less. One day no one was there. The room was empty.   You wondered what had happened. Have they forgotten you? Decades pass as you wonder if they had all passed.You can never be sure. You have no feeling at all. You were like the wind, trapped in some vacuum, waiting for silent release. They are dead. You think back to the day they froze you. You had no one then. Now you feel so alone. Oh so so alone. Why do you feel so alone? Is it because you truly know what being alone is like now? Is it that you have underestimated how much you needed people in your life?  Don’t you remember your friends begging you to not go through with it?  Can’t you see their faces in your mind. You laughed them off. Just dismissed them like they meant nothing to you. You were hoping  to see the 26th century. You’d be a hero, an actual treasure, your name would live forever and all the books people would write. Except how would you ever know if you would come to that ? Anyways, who has ever been locked in for 500 years? When is the future? And who is ‘I’? You we are talking about. Poor, unfortunate you. The present is racing back, leaving you stagnant in this forever cage. You’re going mad, you know. You won’t make it to the 26th century. You won’t live to see it. ” What a disappointment, ” they might say. What will you be then? You’ll be nothing but a failed experiment. A tube that has been cracked, left for fortunate centuries. Isn’t it sad? You just wanted to see the clouds fall with grace. You wonder if this is worse than death.At least it isn’t happening to me. You feel sorry for the poor fool , and you hope that God saves his soul.