Firstly, Vancouver has almost 30 and in Canada, cocaine

Firstly, legalizing drugs will increase addiction. A lot of individuals don’t comprehend how others become addicted to drugs. They think that these individuals who use drugs lack sufficient responsibility to simply stop using drugs and end their addiction. In reality, what is drug addiction? “Addiction is a chronic disease characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive, or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences” (Volkow, 2016) The decision leading to taking drugs is optional for most individuals, but after taking it once and having a repeating pattern can develop to brain changes that fight an addicted individual’s restraint and obstructs their ability to defy against taking drugs. The most common type of drug addictions are heroin, cracked cocaine and ecstasy. Heroin is an illegal and strongly powerful drug that is found in almost every part of the world. Crack is made from cocaine and it is said to be more addicting than heroin, and ecstasy is candy-colored pills that are commonly found in clubs or parties. Individuals usually take ecstasy as it gives a euphoric effect on their body and mind. According to, These are the statistics of the most common drug addiction abuse in Canada. “About one Ontario student in 50 (2%) said he or she had used crack at least once in the past year. This is about 19,300 students, Toronto has roughly 1-2 cocaine deaths per 100,000 – Vancouver has almost 30 and in Canada, cocaine is the most common drug of injection users, followed by heroin, and heroin is the 3rd most commonly injected drug by street youth in Canada” (Muir, 2017).  Legalizing drugs would mean it gives people more accessibility to drugs and it wouldn’t be a crime for them if they took the drugs. It would increase addiction because once you take a drug It corrupts the body into taking more and this leads to many long-term addictions which you can not get rid of easily. The more the drugs are easily accessible the more people will take advantage and use them. For people who have a drug addiction, it can have an impact in all the areas of their life including their families and friends. For example, the increase in addiction can grow higher when an individual is influenced because his or her friend is doing drugs. Legalizing drugs will just give more people an option to do drugs because than it will be ‘legal’ and there won’t be boundaries or consequences for an individual to prevent them self to be doing drugs. On some opponents argue that it makes them offended and angry that the government controls and rules on what they can and can not do. The reason why drugs are not legalized is how bad they affect people and the environment. It is because of the negative effects that they are legalized and the amount of trouble it puts on oneself. In order for people to overcome drug addiction, they need to find a treatment and begin recovery. These treatments can include rehab, seeing a therapist or even trying to control it yourself. If drugs are legalized, it will be harder for addictions to go away and will make it worse by increasing. Instead of recovering there are going to be many people who take drugs because there will be no consequences or punishments from stopping them from taking the drugs.