Five fields as I could such as soft skills,

Five years ago, when I got into
medical school, I was convinced that studying is all that matters, shapes my personality and makes
me successful. Soon after that, I was introduced to student activities and
extra-curricular activities and learned how social interaction and experience
is the key to grow up not only professionally but also personally.

The first student activity I ever
joined in college was Zagazig Medical Students’ Scientific Association (ZMSSA).
I was fascinated by ZMSSA structural and organizational systems and how a local
community like ZMSSA can be connected to an international organization as the
International Federation of Medical student Associations (IFMSA). Later on, I
joined numerous activities within and outside the university. I have taken many
responsibilities and held a lot of positions from team members to an executive
board member.

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Also, I am a certified trainer from
IFMSA since February 2014. I’ve conducted nearly 120 hours including training
motivational speeches, public speaking, and seminars. I did my best to work in
as many fields as I could such as soft skills, using computer software and medical
research. It was clear that training is my passion and I always admire how the
information is delivered in such fun and interesting ways. It made me realize how
peer education can affect the society and change believes.

Lately, I have been involved in a
task force which is concerned with updating ZMSSA’s constitution and bylaws besides
being a co-founder in Under-graduate Research Unit, Zagazig University (URC)
which helped me to be aware of internal operating guidelines of different NGO
both locally and internationally.

From my previous experience in NGO
and training activity, I have worked on presentation and communication skills
which make it easy for me interact efficiently with my colleagues and deliver
information smoothly.

As a future doctor and a current member
of many NGOs, I think this opportunity will be a strong addition to my resume. Travelling abroad and learning from
different cultures is the kind of experience that changes the mentality and
prove one’s competence to deal with different situations, however, the US, particularly
with its enriched cultures, is the perfect place to go.

Also learning about civic engagement in
the US besides topics as leadership and entrepreneurship will help me a lot developing
ZMSSA & URC also in the future, hand what I would learn to new members so
that they can improve the work more in the future.

On the other hand, this opportunity
will be significantly important for me personally for different reasons, for
example, I will have the opportunity to practice my English language more, get
know more people from different cultures, and learn about topics that would
help me to start my own business after med school.

Regarding Egypt and its culture, I
think the fascinating thing is the adaptation and variability of cultures.
Through ages, Egypt has witnessed a lot of different cultures and somehow they all
still present and can be found in modern Egypt and this can be noticed in the monuments,
architecture, food, and music. However, my favorite one is the architecture, particularly
the old building such as mosques, churches, temples, and even homes. I find it
amazing while walking in cities for example but not limited to Cairo, Alexandria,
and Aswan; you can find buildings that tell stories from the ancient time.

In closing, after 5 years in college,
I have gained a lot of experience, developed many skills, and traveled all over
Egypt and I think I am ready to take one more step to benefit my career. I am
confident that if I am elected to this program, it would be the perfect start
to do that.