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for example 20 years after his death vouge are still calling him “the most influential style icon of our times”. Cobain was becoming a household name and still is as we would not be bearing Half the fashion we have today. Nevermind effected politics hugely, it was a controversial, explicit album that was viewed differently by every person who liked or disliked it. From the content to the album cover, but not all the offense that was caused was intentional but when they saw a chance they would rise to the occasion to offend. For an example of this look at Nevermind album-cover the naked baby swimming for a dollar the corporate business owners of the distribution company where offended by the naked infant, so there was the talk of putting a sticker over the baby’s genitals stating “if you’re offended by this, you must be a closet pedophile”. This was later decided not to go ahead and to release the album as planned. I believe the reason for that is not to cause a stir amongst people. The album itself is full of explicit content; nudity, swearing, drug abuse and others taboo subjects of the day like mental health references, there was also a lot of feminist and standing against prejudice in all of the nirvana work as shown at one of there shows where they said. “At this point, I have requested for our fans if any of you in anyway hate homosexuals, people of different color, or women please do this favor for us, leave us the fuck alone! Don’t come to our shows and don’t buy our records”. This is a strong message set by the bad as in the 90’s society was still very hate-filled against ‘minority’s’ this was a very politically different opinion to have considering the fact that 20 years after the end of nirvana LBGTQ rights where finalised, they had a very early opinion forming that has led a generation to not care what people think and speak up. Nirvana may have had bad morals when it came to drugs and abuse of the substance, but when it came to the judgement of a personthey had some of the highest morals of there time against all opinions political and societal that came against them. Leading on from this the cultural trends and themes that nirvana set into stride have set in a shaped the world in a different light. In musical and world wide culture nirvana where doing things that had never been done before by anyone wether it is good or bad they did it and to them it didn’t matter cause they stood by what they cared for. They were getting a reaction from the public that they didn’t ever expect. Firstly they split a generation just like rock and roll did in the 50’s, the music was aimed at teenagers and it was telling them to rebel, yes some adults did like nirvana but there main audience where people within the ages 16-25, in the time their music was released they where pop and in the charts, witch has a big impact of what music youth culture listen to. Essentially they where in the music era of popular indie, DIY, and punk. Nirvana were at the top of there game. Teenagers looked at nirvana as role models and ‘heros’ and due to his rebellious attitude, people began to pick up on that and with the punk scene already causing that divide between generations this made a further split. This generation gap was purely lead by grunge, punk and hard rock witch was killing off hair metal during fast. Nirvana where the band to hide in the shadows as I touched along in the earlier parts of the essay, the began a bigger deeper fight against prejudice and hate crime. They supported people in the LGBTQ category as shown with photos of the young RuPaul who is a famous drag queen. They started subtext and context for all minority’s including people who needed help with drug addiction and abuse as well as being a voice for people with mental health then and even now. Unfortunately, when Kurt killed himself the mental health aspect became more clear but for such a strong message to come out of music at least he has left a legacy for even today’s generation. A lot of the reason for Kurt struggles it that mental health issues hadn’t been recognized and people just considered its