For ever. Road transport is improved by making optimized

For some people weather forecasts
are just for surety of good day ahead. But for some people it is everything.
Their bread and butter depends upon it. By applying artificial intelligence
knowledge we have been able to transforms life of many people and giving them a
new chance.

 Companies and governments are collecting data
of winds, water and soil from satellites and different devices installed on different
portions on earth. Physical understanding of environment with the combination
of artificial intelligence improves prediction skills for multiple types of
natural disasters like thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions,
earthquakes and many more.

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Hail forecasting can be
forecasted accurately by using machine learning according to research paper. Hail
cause billions of dollars damages every year. Many cars, airplanes and
buildings are effected in hail storms. By forecasting hail storms cars can be
moved to safe places, flights can be delayed and prevention measures can be
taken for buildings to protect them from heavy damages. IBM is commercializing
its weather forecasting for that purpose so warning can be issued to people from
heavy damage.

Big companies like IBM, Panasonic
are working on their weather forecasting systems and increasing its accuracy day
by day by applying new developed and refined artificial intelligence and computational
intelligence techniques. Better weather forecasting allows airlines to change
their routes and save money and time, improve safety and increase on time

Better weather predictions has
direct effect on different fields of life. It directly effects the agriculture,
90% of crops are destroyed by weather conditions. It can be controlled by
proper weather conditions. If damage is inevitable then we can save our money
and time by not planting that kind of crops that are not suitable for that kind
of weather condition.

Transportation is improved by
weather forecasting a lot. Directing routes of flights in near storm save many
live and money than ever. Road transport is improved by making optimized routes
for hilly and severe condition areas. The company using Panasonic’s weather
forecasting shows significant rise in commercial aircrafts climb profile
optimization. . They claim their system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10
percent during ascent. By putting in that perspective, US airline carriers
spent $24.6 billion on fuel last year.

Better weather forecasting saves many
lives and helps to speed up the rebuilding efforts. IBM has started combining their
weather forecasting tools with information about utilities’ distribution
networks and data about local ground cover for severe storms. By using machine
learning, they are predicting likely outages. IBM claims they deliver damage predictions that
are 70 to 80 percent accurate 72 hours before the storm is expected.

Weather related data source will
continue to grow dramatically and the new advances in machine learning are
making it possible for government agencies and companies to make better use of
all this data. Weather is always unpredicted and it can never be truly
perfected, but AI will allow to make consistent improvement in its accuracy and
in its resolution.


More refined and localized
weather information will help to make it easier to find distinct patterns and
connections in them. Even small improvements in weather forecasting will give
companies new useful pieces of data by finding new correlations and giving
companies more lead time to take advantage of them.