Forensic in specialist laboratory such as laboratory likes a

Forensic Lab design

decided to sketch a forensics lab is one of the labs they are under the category
of specialist laborites. Foresenics lab is specialist lab for the reasons
unique specialized equipments used that makes it different other specialist
laborites. The rooms and how it’s
structured and designed consisting of a number of separate and distinct
laboratories, each and its own specific function, spaces, and equipment.
laboratory   should be nicely organized
secure entity. some t foresenics
labs has a different purpose from the other labs foresenics labs generally
focuses scientific analysis to the justice system takes place taking,
consisting of identifying samples of evidence and helping to solve the crime. Forensic scientists analyze and
interpret evidence found at the crime scene. That evidence can usually be blood,
saliva, fibers, tire tracks, drugs, alcohol, paint chips and firearm residue.

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In my forensics lab sketch I included spate
sections to highlight the important sections that make up forensics laboratory.
To emphasis the difference in rooms in regular laboratory and in specialist
laboratory   such as laboratory likes a
foresenics lab sections included are

Evidence room

Conference table  


Foresenic work stations
internet intranet pc
work bench

In my specialist laboratory design I picked
specific equipment that represent foresenic there common equipments that are
also found in general labs but there are specialist equipment are only in
forensics lab .

For instance In the evidence room of the
specialist labatory is responsible for receiving items of evidence from law
enforcement agencies and routing those items within the laboratory as needed to
complete analytical requests.   I ensure
the is efficient storage   I place
cupboards in the evidence room .Storage is a vital part of the laboratory of
the foresenics lab which  is why I place
cupboards  it ensure evidence are put a
way safely can get left out or get examined . Once examinations are complete, items
are returned to the Evidence Room to return the originating agency or as
described in disposition information as communicated in official laboratory

In the foresenics work station I placed Bench top
microscopy at laboratory workstations .In the forensic laboratory the foresenic
work stations contain microscopes. The trace evidence section of the crime lab
with light control for varied microscopy, in addition to a scanning electron microscope.

In the conference table there are many tables and
chairs for the foresenics lab staff to sit down discuss and evaluate and
evidence and produce conclusions to share ideas and come up with various
solutions to conclude the crime

Results  will be
share may be results of research 
performed by colleagues or results generated.
urgent results to be communicated directly to another person which is why
there are team meetings in conference table.

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In intranet pcs and offices there are computers this
is because records can be searched very quickly.   If records have to be accessed from a number
of   sites, a computer system allows this
without paper records having to be

Copied and sent to different locations. This saves
time and removes the risk of them getting lost. Records can be updated quickly
and there is less of technicians using out of date information.

Criteria reference   M3 Justify key features in the
non-specialist and specialist laboratory

   non specialist lab


A non-specialist  lab    non
complexed am mature  lab  I which are normally found , schools, clinics
or hospital  that carry out minor practical’s
or  carry out small investigations with
limited  and low quality  equipment and less high Tec equipment and
have limited access to equipment ,  because
non specialist labs generally have  minor
investigations it does not require high technology  compared to specialist laboratory  facility that provides controlled conditions
in which scientific or technological
research, experiments, and measurement may be

laboratory is made to be useful to several purposes, without focusing in a
specific area.Mainstream school laboratory  are amde up of different  furniture’s such as fixed benches. With clear
surfaces Benches are required in a school lab. The surfaces are made  chemical and heat proof   in practical students place their Bunsen
burner and chemicals on the bench to carry out their experiment which is why
the bench is a good material as it can sustain their chemicals and the heat
without damaging further more benches are also located in the center of class
room this to allow your teacher to instruct you on how to conduct your
experiment. Pupils can watch the teacher   showing them how to do the experiment and
conduct experiments, usually at the front of the room.

It’s  important l in non specialized labatories that
is sink when conducting practical’s the tables may get dirty so it’s important
to clean tables and it’s important to wash your hands if any contact with
chemicals to avoid any irritation. Furthermore  
it’s also need to rinse equipments and removed stains. Paper towels are
also need as they used straight after drying hands.

None specialised
labs its very common to find storage cabinets  that contain delicate fragile glass ware,  s equipments such as volumetric flask, test tube,
measuring glass will need to be stored in safe place correctly.

In a lab posters are usually dis palced
around the class  which means safety
precatutions and rules that must be conducted these are usually displayed all
over the walls.

Fume extractor – A requirement
in all school science labs, a fume extractor cupboard or system is essential in
all labs where chemicals are used.

in school friendly environment its like  that you finds interactive whiteboard in each
lab this is essential as before conducting the experiment the teacher students
are able to discuss what the practical is consisting of and prepare and  explore the background information of the
experiment .plan their hypothesis teacher can support students and instructing
how the practical is  conducted



Specialist laboratories
are more wider and expand more research include  this exaplains the range of facilities that
allows the researchers to investigate thoroughly or are able to research more
things without limited resources or access to high Tec equipment The work that is carried out in a laboratory
The work that is carried out in a laboratory will influence the type of
equipment that is used there. Most laboratories will have several large pieces of
equipment, numerous smaller pieces and several computers linked in. The storage
required will vary, with special facilities for radioactive, flammable and
toxic materials.

Typically in specialist laboratories you will see a range of specialized
advanced equipment used for advance research and complicated investigations. For
equipment that is rare to find in local for the reasons of teh cost and
space   given example is a Laboratory oven.
These ovens for high-forced volume thermal convection applications. These ovens provide uniform temperatures
throughout. Laboratory ovens can
be for annealing, die-bond curing, drying, Polyimide baking, sterilizing, etc

more over
another specialist equipment these Desiccators
they are sealable enclosures containing desiccants used for preserving and
maintaininh moisture-sensitive items such as cobalt chloride paper for another
use. A common use for desiccators
is to protect chemicals which are hygroscopic or which react with water from

Laboratory Centrifuges its function is used for the separation of fluids, gas
or liquid, based on density. Separation is achieved by spinning a vessel
containing material at high speed; the centrifugal
force pushes heavier materials to the outside of the vessel.
a fume cupboard or fume
closet) is a form of a  local ventilation
device that is made  to limit exposure to hazardous or
toxic fumes, vapors or dusts.

Graduated pipettes are pipettes with  many  volumes marked along the tube. They are used
to measure and transfer an accurate volume of liquid from one container to
another.1 Graduated pipettes are made from plastic or glass tubes that have a tapered tip.

Electrophoresis apparatus used to detect and classify serum proteins or proteins from any other source; also used
for DNA separation





D2 Criteria reference Analyze why good laboratory
design is important for efficiency, effectiveness and safety

The key
elements that contribute to good laboratory is ensuring its  efficient , how its effective , is safety
considered   for example considering things like heat proof
or hazard proof  if the threes fire
extinguisher in every corner of the lab 
is the lab secure is the security good ?

A well-designed lab’s layout consists of
appropriate storage, equipment, and workspaces. For example, simple cabinets
may be adequate for electronics, but chemicals often require more complex
storage spaces. By providing the appropriate accommodations, In addition, lab
users can avoid storing supplies in places that block exits or cause other
dangerous conditions. For example, potentially hazardous materials and equipment
should be stored and used in lab zones away from heavy traffic flow and
ventilation sources that cause disruptive airflows.

A well-organized and tidy laboratory will
help those who are using it to do their tasks in an easier way which will
therefore encourage them to complete more of these tasks. This means that
overall; the work completed in the laboratory is more effective. Also, a
well-organized laboratory will help users to save time and carry out tasks more
quickly, thus being more efficient. It will also reduce the risk of any
accidents or injuries occurring and therefore provides more safety.

An ideal laboratory will have    cabinet or storage nearby where experiment
take place and stored toxic gases and liquids, hazardous solids, unstable
chemicals, ionising and non-ionising radiation sources and other artificial
biohazards. This improves  the efficiency
of the laboratory  this is because the
hazardous substances will be a near key experimental areas  for example a fume cupboard this avoid having to
search for  chemicals,  by having the chemicals stored arranged in
orderly fashion is speeding up the process and making it more efficient. , then
less distance will need to be travelled which will minimize any hazards or
risks, for example spilling the chemicals.

Effective storage of the
hazardous chemicals will avoid harmful gases being released into the air that
is being breathed in and out by the people in the laboratory, which will
improve the overall safety and security of the laboratory.

it is crucial to include vital
safety features, such as bio safety cabinets, fire protection and detection
systems, and emergency showers and eye wash stations. When users know these
features are easily available, they can focus on performing their research with
a greater measure of security regarding their health and safety, and thus be
more productive. In addition, labs should have easy-to-access, well-marked
exits so that researchers can get out quickly and safely in case of an
emergency or accident.

safety;  its significant to include ventilation
systems based on users’ activities. All labs must include have ventilation
systems to monitor  the temperature and
keep the  decent and comfortable, research  supports the idea that that optimal workplace
temperatures can  multiply productivity,  regardless the work environment.  Furthermore, when  dangerous materials  are used ventilation systems should be  upgraded and advanced and may require  additional features such as chemical fume
hoods to control potential exposure and capture contaminants in laboratory air.

Criteria reference P4   /M4

Procedure for storing scientific information in a
laboratory information management system
LIMs   stands 
for A Laboratory Information Management System it is a program me  that’s is used in several  laboratories to maintain   its activities and operations. LIMS has  various roles . for example the registration
of a sample and its respective costumer information, tracking of the sample,
equipment been used  in the analysis of
the sample  , quality control,  data that’s stored , the report of the

LIMS mainly focuses on the management
and monitoring  samples which  is registering and tracking them. When a sample
container arrives  and registration, the
LIMS  therefore tracks it and  and the records the location .This  consist of  printing barcodes to identify the sample
containers. a LIMS also  monitors the communication
with customers  documents  are linked with the samples and the personnel
and workload.

Main types of information that would
need to be stored on your lab’s LIMS

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
records;Scientific data;Scientific apparatus;Waste disposal;Health and safety checks;Training records;Quality assurance;Report records;Specification levels;Sample throughput;Management;Security.

How information be entered onto the
LIMS?information is entered in  the LIMS by uploading laboratory instrument
generated files to it, another way is  registration
of samples including a creation of text and graphical documents with
information or analysis results.   For example Technologies like a hand-held device
like  or an ipad or Smartphone such as
the latest phone, Galaxy, iphones , htc etc can also be used to enter samples
and their information onto the management system.

Barcode system works to track data
entry in a LIMS?When the container is enrolled in
the LIMS and its not  been given to
customer costumer  the customer can retrieve
sample for the client . When the sample is 
delivered to the labatory and the registration procedure begins this
includes printing scanner tags to fasten in the example which is utilized store
costumer and which  is used store
costumer and practitioner information . Furthermore the barcode
system of the LIMS is purpose  to track
chain of custody and sample location, this involves being transported  on the sample and its storage place (the
freezer, shelf, rack, box, row and column.

What procedures would be necessary for tracking the sample, procedures and results? It’s very significant tracking samples if the sample
shows abnormal results, the doctor must be contacted immediately. Therefore
personal information of the clients such as the name and telephone number of
the practitioner and the client must be   also contacted the samples abnormal results,
the doctor must be contacted immediately

During the investigation, the sample must   be looked after appropriately with cautious care
it cannot be contaminated in order to this will the results. The barcode system
is indispensable in this stage, because the analysis is connected to be linked
with the sample avoiding mixing information with other clients’ samples. After
the procedures, the results of the must be put into the LIMS using the barcode
system and informed to the customer


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reference M4
Report records

Report records   are used  to make new medicines, for example  report hospital records ,tests for  and the  report of the GP.Clinical.  Are obligated to record these types of information.
The process must be done again if there aren’t any records.

COSHH Records
COSHH stands for Control of substances hazardous to health.  Its consist of information based on t health
and safety of dangerous substances that is used and performed in the workplace .

The process is crucial   it displays awareness and health and safety
for hazardous substances that are involved in workplace. It permits hazardous substances
in work places.

Waste disposal
The information is based Waste limit for radioactive and biological the waste
the analysis  for example how many days
can it survive for . who’s  will dispose
the waste and how  its gets disposed..


Training records is information that mentions training each staff has
previously  or is presently doing . it
presents  who  is qualified more from the level of training.
This  assist  who to employ as the more qualified stand out
from the less qualified.

Scientific data   has data  from scientific experiment or scientific
Storing scientific  is significant because
it  permits you to cautiously  store and retrieve scientific data from the
workplace and other sources
 this process I carried out so there is
no risk of losing the data

This data  consist of  
How many apparatus were boaught  
and the date itw as bought .
Maintenance of apparatus example if its broken or in good condition ,
This  is essential because  you 
can keep track of how many apparatus were purchased and maintained
before you buy other apparatus to prevent buying unwanted apparatus.

Security and data protection
Security is  essiential in a work
All data has to be safe and kept cautiously.
The people with authority should know what
information of patients to share and what not
to share with other people.

The main management is  in charge of the
staff however  emmebers have to report
back to the management as well as have others reporting back to them. this can
be the heads of department or senior staff. Therefore there is a management
hierarchy in all work places.
Without. It management team task wouldn’t eb completed .

There are  various  specification levels that  the labn works at .The level at which the
organization is allowed to work has to  monitored and recorded .The data of materials
has to be recorded..
The management of the work place and those in charge of organization of the lab
have to look at and follow these specification levels..

Quality assurance
Quality assurance displays types of procedures are carried out and how high the
quality was. People with special responsibilities like head of department are
able to edit and access this data.

Health and safety checks
Health and safety   regular checkups are
sugnifcant in a scientific workplace this shows it has been observed. Accident
report cards may be field.