From was a commercial hit. But it wasn’t what

From a boy next door to Indian Super star!! Darling


Darling, Rebel Star, Indian Super
Star, Baahubali, Amarendra Baahubali and many more names that are echoing all
over the country in the recent times. But how did a boy next door raised from a
regional hero to Indian super star. Was it that easy? Let us look at the
journey that made Prabhas an Indian super star.

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Venkata Satyanarayana Prabhas Raju
Uppalapati(aka -Prabhas) son of  late
U.SuryaNaryana Raju and his wife Siva Kumari. He is the youngest of three
children and was born on 23rd October 1979. 
He is the nephew of great tollywood actor Krishnam Raju Uppalapati and
his father is a film producer. With having film background running in the
family, he had an idea of becoming an hotelier if he hadn’t become an actor.


But how it all started?


A shy introvert boy when asked to act by his
uncle veteran actor krishnam Raju; as a childhood actor was simply said no, but
later made his debut in the Telugu film as an lead actor in Eshwar movie in
2002 with the blessings of  krishnam raju
 and bhimavaram
fans. Funny fact is when darling said
to his friends about his will to act in movies, they laughed about it. I
suppose they didn’t know what he would become today.


The movie was a commercial hit. But it wasn’t
what fans expecting from junior rebel star. Later he worked in Raghavendra
movie, which didn’t do well at the box-office. He got his first blockbuster hit
with Varsham movie and the film had bagged many awards, except for prabhas; we
believe it was a starting step for his superstar journey. In his successful
journey before  baahuballi, there is one
such huge success in his career for the role he made in Chhatrapathi movie.
Which brought the duo (Rajamouli and Prabhas) together for the first time.  Apart from the successes, he faced lot of ups and downs in his career. The success
of chhatrapathi never lasted long for our darling. After chhatrapthi he acted
in 6 films most of them are commercial successes, which elevated his mass image
among the fans.


After 6 years, our darling paired with veteran
director, love story specialist karunakaran for darling movie. The movie
brought our darling much closer to family audience, especially his female fans. After Darling movie, prabhas had couple of
family entertainers, one among that is Mirchi which was another

milestone in his blockbuster career. The movie
also earned him a Nandhi award, a prestigious award given by Andhra Pradesh
State. He got the award for the best actor role.


After mirchi, prabhas
who is at the peaks in his cinematic career made a bold decision
where no other actors wouldn’t
dare to think.


Baahubali happened in his career, for which
the actor was very grateful in his
career. The actor himself said “Something very beautiful happened in my life.
Baahubali has given something

10,000 times more than what I did before. Or
even more than that.”  The vision director rajamouli said in numerous
accounts that the character Amarendra baahubali was written for prabhas, even before the makers started writing characters.

After the first project “Chhatrapathi” the duo(rajamouli and Prabhas) become close friends, when rajamouli narrated the story and asked for the dates of Prabhas for one and half years, he jokingly laughed and said it won’t complete in one and half years, finally
the project completed in
five years.


In these five years  of baahubali journey,  prabhas didn’t sign any other movie not even a single endorsement,
Shredded his body for the character, not only prabhas but Rana, anushka also
 worked very
hard for the movie. Their dedication towards the movie paid off, 
 Prabhas stature
rose  from being the boy next door of regional
 cinema to Indian super star.
At  present the Indian superstar with his worldwide
 craze after
 Rajinikanth took a break from sahoo shooting
in los angeles. Look at the journey
of his success from his own words in a recent interview with GQ India





Other than his star studded status. The quite
impressible thing about our darling is his attitude. How big he rose from his
stature, still he remained the same introvert shy guy with his cute smile,
calling every one darling, especially his peers, let us look what they are
saying about our hero.


Video about celebrities talking about prabhas:





With such attitude he already made lot of
regional fans, irrespective of his film run; with baahubali happened in his
career, he endeavored greater heights with gaining fans all over the country
,eliminating the barrier of regional star where it is still prevailing. Today
he is one of the superstar of Indian cinema, although the number of movies that
brought him the stature is very less, but he is no less than the other superheroes;
The one thing that is notable and quite impressible is as fans we are much
proud is ” His attitude”.


From us @darlingprabhas fans we hope the journey
that our darling took will be successful and wish him all the best for his
upcoming project Sahoo and many more projects.