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From bands who will be listened to for 50 or more years to artists changing the music we listen to today The 1960’s were filled with new musicians with new styles that will change the music industries for centuries. I will be informing you about the many popular musicians from the 1960’s. You may know some of these artists such as Elvis or The Beatles, who are still being talked about to this day. There are many different kinds of music. Some of the music we listen to today would not be around if these artists had not become legends. In the 1960’s several bands rose from the streets to the top charts in weeks. It was July 12, 1962 at the Marquee club in London, the new band was playing their first gig. That night they got billed as The Rolling Stones. Little did they know soon they would be accepted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and called the “best rock band ever”. Keith Richard, one of the guitarists in Rolling Stones, says “There was an amazing energy going on with people our age ,then, it’s transformed the way the Seventies would have been or the Eighties or the Nineties or now.” Explaining how much the Rolling Stones have changed music. Also, from the streets of england came The Beatles. They started in the early 1950’s when John Lennon created a band in his high school career. In 1960 and after years of adding band members and switching band names they stuck with The Beatles. On a tour in Germany they soon became the favorite act. In the early 2000’s The Beatles released their last album, 1 containing 27 of their hits. It stayed number one in both the U.S. and the U.K. for several weeks.  George Harrison once said “The Beatles saved the world from boredom.”  explaining how The Beatles changed music. He also said “I think people who truly can live a life in music are telling the world, ‘You can have my love, you can have my smiles. Forget the bad parts, you don’t need them. Just take the music, the goodness, because it’s the very best, and it’s the part I give most willingly” he is saying forget the politics and just enjoy the music. Among the very popular bands in the 60’s was the legend Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley’s introduced a new style of music based off of his musical influences.”My mother and dad both loved to sing,” said Elvis explaining that he was always surrounded by music. His influences included: the popular music of the time, country music, gospel he heard in church, and black R he heard on the streets of Memphis as a teenager. Sun Records kick started his music career in 1954. By 1956 he went international. His new style of music was not only unique, but it challenged the racial and social barriers of the time. “People ask me where I got my singing style. I didn’t copy my style from anybody.” says Elvis talking about his unique style. This is explaining how he created his new style of music. “I happened to come along in the music business when there was no trend.” said Elvis saying that his music saved the music industry and put the trend back into it. Overall, These artists came into the music industry with new styles when the music industry needed it. Each and every artist in this paper contributed to a turning point in music. Introducing new styles to our ears. The Rolling Stones introduced a new rock and roll era. The Beatles introduced a popular and a new style. Elvis Presley broke social and racial barriers with his unique music. We wouldn’t be listening to the music we listen to now if it wasn’t for these artists. They truly started a new era in music.