GAMBLING enjoyable form of entertainment involving fun and excitement





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advertising promotes the organisation that provide the opportunity to make
bets.  It is usually done by sponsoring
events, through television, concerts and likes. 
Gaming operators often promotes sporting events, television coverage and
sporting people. For example: bet 365 sponsors football clubs, snooker events
and the television coverage of the 2005 Ashes on channel4 was sponsored by Betfair,
both being online betting sites.  In
other cases, they will do different kind of tricks to attract large number of
crowd towards them such as: many of the famous sports person has been sponsored
by, and ink temporary golden palace tattoos on their body.  Gambling advertising just as gambling itself –
each and every country has their own opinion and views on gambling and as per
that they create or decide their rules on the gambling and advertising.



advertising also plays an important role in ‘normalizing’ gambling.  The promoters of the gambling have portrayed
gambling has normal, enjoyable form of entertainment involving fun and
excitement furthermore, they are often centred on friends and social events, the
like of large financial gain is often central theme to fascinate the society.

Statements such as ‘wining is easy’ are considered to be puffery the
kind of statement invites the people and give some hope for the upcoming bright
future but in that sense, it promotes gambling by telling the people that its
trust worthy.

            in other part of the
world it remains the issue of controversy, some countries believes that
gambling is totally illegal and some believes that it is legal but then the
problem arise of the advertisement as they believe the promoters of gambling
tempts the people and only gives hopes to them, some also claims that
advertising tends to use glamorous images and beautiful people to sell
gambling, around the world various people also claim that advertisements use by
the gambling industry often border on misrepresentation and distortion . there
are further claims that adverts are seductive, appealing to people’s greed and
desperation for money. Real example includes:’ win a truck loads of money’ ‘win
a million’, ‘the fewer number you choose, the easier is to win’ people further
claims that by tempting them in these highly attractive statements there is
hardly any odds of winning.

 Many of the gambling advert
features ‘get rich-quick’ slogan this degenerates the motive of hard work,
initiative, responsibility, investing for the future and even the education.



 Many countries
have strict code for gambling advertisements and trade goodness codes (like
those in UK) recommended that gambling advertisement must not:

traditions, beliefs about gambling or luck.

outlaw or anti-social behaviour.

gambling in work environs (with the expectation for licensed gambling premises).

Exploit the
vulnerabilities of shaver and likewise.

Appeal to under
eighteen , especially by reflecting or being associated with youth culture.

feature anyone
who is younger than the permissible old age or any person who is looked upon as
a role model.


                If the promoters of gambling
are the one who advertise this form of product should keep in their mind this
linguistic rule and after that they scratch line promoting the gambling there
might be no problem or dilemma in the mind of the people. Have got one more
example of good practice is that of Canadian River gaming wheeler dealer
LOTO-QUEBEC the caller did a through reappraisal of its advert code of the
advertising code and some of the tonality prospect in term of responsible
marketing and advertising of gambling included: A marketing plan that is based
on the following may be allowed for once:

prohibits any
advertising that is overly aggressive.

reject concept
liable to incite the stake of children.

prohibits the
use if spokespeople who are popular among youth.

placement of advertisements within media political program mainly by minors.

 The company has also taken the step footprint
and shown the following data from their past performance:

The betting
odds of win are highlighted. This is being done because the response to the
prompting expressed so frequently by various groups staked in knowing their
chances of winning

commercials for new merchandise s devote 20% to their airtime to promoting the

An Ad that
prohibits the targeting of any particular group or the purpose of its promoting
its intersection .


Like every other scenario, Gambling
Ad too has the two sides, the positive and the negative. The pros of gambling
advertising are:

The ad of this
variety of product , clears out the misconception of the audience’s mind.

As the
publicity is done under certain conventions or according to the Britain rules
which they have decided so this can take to the positive results to this sort
of product.

if the
advertisement is under or superintendence by higher degree of masses we will
get a trade good number of customer like the it got success in UK.

The negatives of gambling
advertisement are :

Because of this
kind of ads citizenry may have a feeling that gambling is an easy way out from
hard work.

This kind of
ads will lead to dishonesty to hard work because this will create rapacity in
people’s mind.

If the promoter
of the minimal brain damage does not follows the certain rule, it will miss
lead the people by encouraging below eighteen teens which is a negative aspect.



In the end I would like to say it’s
quite necessary for the gambling industry to advertise, market and promote its
facilities and ware , however I believe that all advertising and marketing
should be carried out in a social responsible manner as its good for long full
term patronage and must also ensure that the interest of the mankind at large
isn’t harmed.




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