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Genetic engineering is the process of altering or manipulating DNA,this could mean altering base pairs, deleting an entire region of DNA oradding a whole new copy of a gene. This process also means extractingadditional DNA from another organism’s genome and combining it to make anew strand of DNA, called “Recombinant DNA”. This technique is used byscientists to enhance or change the characteristics of an organism and canbe applied to any organism from bacteria to a cow. The goal is to add ormodify traits that were not already there in the organism. Currently there aresome objects on the market that have been genetically modified, such asplants that are resistant to insects and crops with modified oil content.The new technology is mainly used to produce plants and crops with ahigher nutrition quality or that can tolerate exposure to many things. Anexample is “Golden rice”, scientists extract the carotene gene, whichprovides vitamin A, from carrots then put that in the rice plant. Then whenfully grown the gene has mutated and mixed with the original DNA, makingthe new Golden rice. People who lack that vitamin, they can eat thisgenetically modified Golden rice and gain the vitamins they have beenlacking. Another is weed killer resistance, all scientists have to do is extractthe weed killing resistant gene and inject it into any plant they would like,mainly beificial to farmers and agricultural workers.This new and revolutionary medical discovery has a cost from under$100 to over $2,000, depending on the complexity of the modification. Thetime it would take to get the results of the testing could take about twoweeks, depending on the initial day the samples were taken, or longer.Results of prenatal testing usually would take less time for results becausepregnancy is an important subject and you would have to decide in a specificamount of time.Many people have their own opinions about genetic modificationbecause of the many potential risks and just people’s beliefs and opinions.The way we use this new technology is mostly beneficial, many people arewanting this study to grow and spread and could also bring new variety ofplant and animal species. People are for this because one of the ways we usethis is to modify food, so there are benefits to having food that may haveextra vitamins and minerals. Another way we use it is to change the way ourchildren would look, like if you wanted your baby to have blue eyes andblonde hair you could just ask your doctor and they could alter your child’DNA and make it exactly how you would want it.Danielle Hernandez5thPeriod BanksDecember 1, 2017The downside to genetic modification could be for every reason Istated in my last paragraph. Many people are concerned about the healthrisks of eating the mutated fruit, like something could have gone wrong andsomething may happen to the person that ate it. Same thing with mutatingyour unborn child’s DNA, something could happen in the process likeunexpected and harmful effects, maybe the genes escaping into surroundingareas and mutate with something that you may not have wanted. Someother people’s opinions are that it is just wrong to create another life form, orto move DNA around from one organism/species to another, especially ifcausing harmful effects on the receiver. None the less most of the “is it rightor wrong?” is obviously opinion based and what people want to think, it’s allup to the “what if’s” and the “but’s”, it all depends on what people’s moralsand beliefs are.Genetic modification is interesting and something that many peoplewould like to try, but in my opinion, I think genetic mutation is neither rightnor wrong. I believe that this should have many limitations to it. I, personally,would not want to mutate my child’s DNA to be or look like anything else, Iwould care for it and love it no more or no less. The thought of anythingbeing worse that it might already be is very scary. I would say if your childhas a genetic disorder that is potentially fatal, then yes it would be fine, butchanging the gender or the way you would want it to look/do would not bemy ideal way to go. Genetically modified food is dangerous and maybe nothealthy, but that should also have many rules to it, testing and having itchecked multiple times before being reproduced and sold would be a betterway of doing things than just doing then selling. Some of these mutations willhave a long-term effect, not on just the plants, but possibly the consumer ofthem. I would say to just be very cautious and aware of this new technologyand the effects it may cause.