Global about 1°F. This issue is divided into two

Global warming also referred to as climate change which means a current increase in temperature of the earth’s surface as well as it’s atmosphere due to rising levels of greenhouse gases. It is a big issue of the atmosphere on the earth. It is caused by the human as well as by natural events. Human is the causes of emission of greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. Over the past 100 years, the earth has warmed by about 1°F.


This issue is divided into two categories including natural and human influences. Natural causes include greenhouse gases and volcanic eruption. Greenhouse gases are the cause of global warming. It causes an increase in earth’s temperature by trapping the solar heat rays and prevent it from escaping from the surface of the earth. Whereas, volcanic eruption release amount of carbon dioxide and ash to the atmosphere. It directly increases the temperature of the earth. The second cause is human influences which have been a serious issue now. Human activities such as deforestation, burning fossil fuels and farming cause global warming. Human cut down trees to produce papers, woods and for shelter or more. If it continues, the stored carbon is released back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. When we burn fossil fuels to create electricity we release carbon dioxide pollution into the atmosphere. Also, overgrazing of animals produces the amount of methane which is a big contributor to global warming. Some fertilizers used by farmers is another greenhouse gas. It contributes 16% of our total greenhouse gas emissions. (“Causes of global warming environmental sciences essay.”

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As we know, the human emissions of greenhouse gases effect environmental and social changes. Many effects can be seen in the future if global warming continues. It includes economic consequences, more hurricanes, a spread of diseases and earthquake. Human-emitted greenhouse gases cause excess heat which has warmed the world’s oceans during the past decades. Water expands when it warms, which leads to sea level rise (USNRC “Climate Change: Evidence, Impact, and Choices”). Moreover, the global warming has affected the lives of other living things such as animals and plants. Also, the increasing level of temperature causes many animal species to migrate and lose their habitats like polar bears and tropical frogs. The migration of animal have been irregular and are affected by changes in the climate. Animal extinction is the most serious result of global warming. “According to the Intergovernmental Panel on (IPCC), an increase in global temperature by 1.5 to 2.5 degrees will make 40 to 70 percent species vulnerable to extinction, while a rise of about 3.5.” Next effect is more hurricanes will occur and many people and country affect as well. Hurricane causes damage to public property and government need to spend billions of dollars in damage and people need places to stay and many people may kill. Once a disaster happens many people may die and diseases happen. Diseases are more dangerous because it can spread to other people and they may suffer from it and the disease maybe come more serious because of different weather.


There are various solutions to stop global warming. We need to step forward to implement the solutions to global warming.

The way to reduce global warming is recycling. It can reduce all the waste materials by reusing like bottles, plastic bags, glass etc. If all this is being reused, we can reduce deforestation and help save the environment. We must stop cutting down the trees. Every year, 33million acres of forests are cut down. There is a contribution of 1.5 billion metric tons of carbon in tropic alone by timber harvesting. And we should stop open burning such as garbage. It releases carbon dioxide if burning garbage with plastic.

Next solution is one child a couple can have. There are at least 6.6 billion people living today. According to United Nations, it is predicted to grow to at least nine billion by mid-century. According to U.N Environmental Program, it is estimated that people require 54acres to sustain an average human today-food, clothing and other resources obtained from the earth ( increase in population growth seems uncontrollable. To reduce population growth per couple should give one birth which is not sustainable and there is a perfect number of the human population. And it makes us clear that large human influence mean more greenhouse gas emissions.

Another way to reduce global warming is consuming less. We can reduce greenhouse gases by purchasing less stuff. Also when purchasing groceries, buying in mass can reduce the amount of packaging’s like cardboard boxes, plastic wrapping, and other materials. Sometimes buying more is consuming less. So while making a purchase, we must think green.

Finally, we should reduce the use of petrol by taking public transport to work which also save cost and reduce global warming. Airways are another source of global warming pollution. Jets rely on kerosene and it takes 10 gallons of oil to make one gallon of Jet fuel which allows them to travel long and fast. If we restrict flying to only long-distance tours in many parts of the world, a train can replace planes for short-to medium-distance trips-which would help airplane emissions. (


Overall of this essay, I have understood that humanity is responsible for global warming which causes any problem. It is one of the serious issues which has killed most of the people where it directly affects the economy of the country. Due to global warming, our earth is ‘sick’. So, it is our foremost duty to ‘heal’ the earth. However, we need to follow the steps to reduce the global warming. As a business student, we are learning it because we need to understand the effect of climate change that will affect us when we have our business and we can start saving the earth.



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