Global has taken many major steps and have succeeded


Global perspectives

Deforestation is very common in Brazil as it is one of the only countries with
most of the land being tropical rainforest. The leading cause of deforestation is
raising grazing livestock (also called cattle ranching) which accounts for
around 38 percent of it.

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Mexico: Global warming is placed all
over the world but above all else is the air pollution in Mexico City which has
made the area far too dangerous to walk about without a gas mask. The Mexico
City is situated in the valley of Mexico where the temperature at the surface
is warmer than the one above so when greenhouse gases are emitted they condense
and stay trapped in the atmosphere of Mexico City, due to this the city has
become more and more populated over time. It is said that ‘breathing the air of
Mexico City is the same and inhaling 40 cigarettes’.

United States:
The United States ranks second in countries with most greenhouse gas emissions
with China being the second however this is merely because China has a lot more
land than the U.S as the emissions per capita in China are only 6.18 (metric
tonnes) while the U.S has 17.5 which is one of the highest in the world.

China: The burning of coal is the biggest factor contributing to
northern China’s smoggy conditions, according to the researchers with the
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences.

How these countries are
working towards the betterment

Brazil has taken a recent pledge to reforest 120 billion square metres of land
which is around one-fifth of the land in the country itself.

Mexico: Mexico’s
capital was once the most polluted place in the world, many photographs taken
as recently as 2010 show a sky covered by smog as far as your eyes can stretch.
However, the government has taken many major steps and have succeeded in
reducing the air pollution to almost half of what it used to be. The country
has reduced the usage of cars within the city by around 40% by building many
footpaths and cycle paths, which has led to most people preferring bicycles
over vehicles in the past few years.

United States:
The United States Environmental Protection Agency also known as EPA has taken
numerous steps to reduce pollution and the effects of climate change. They have
been partnering with many other private sectors and are monitoring and
controlling the carbon emissions all over the country. 

China: To reduce the country’s
reliance on coal-fired power plants, the government set up large-scale wind

Most of the wind
turbines are located in grasslands in Hubei and Inner Mongolia to the north of
Beijing, and sit across a major stream of cold air from Siberia.


National Perspective

The United Arab Emirates has worked noticeably
towards creating a better environment in recent years. They have planted many
palm trees and flowering plants near roads and on roundabouts as well as in
communities. The urban and coastal areas of the U.A.E have many animals that
were endangered at first but are now under the custody of the government and
are increasing in number. Some examples of these are the Sea Turtle and the
Arabian Oryx.

Personal Perspective

I keep care of the environment and do the most
I can as an individual human being. I do not litter and keep my house clean. I
also donated a few unused plastic bottles and cans last year. I personally
think that it is important to protect environment and even though people around
me pollute it in many ways such as smoking, littering, leaving the tap open and
even wasting food by leaving it to rot or throwing it away. However, I have
made a pledge to myself to do whatever I can do alone and not get involved in
pollution or harming the environment in any way.

Case Analysis

Deforestation is the cutting down of trees for
a variety of different reasons. Deforestation is done mainly for wood. Wood is
a very useful material, it is used in the making of pencils, paper, tools,
doors, furniture and even houses in some parts of the world. Wood can also be
used to make fires and produce energy. Forests are not just cleared for wood
but for the availability of land to make houses, buildings etc. Deforestation
comes with many disadvantages, many animals lose their habitats and this
results in some becoming endangered or even extinct. It also causes an increase
of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which significantly impacts the
greenhouse gas effect as 82% of the greenhouse gases consist of carbon dioxide.

The greenhouse effect causes an increase in the
average temperature of the world. It is said that by 2100 the average
temperature of the world will increase by 2.5 Degrees Celsius even I we try to
prevent is and an unimaginable 8 Degrees Celsius if nothing is done about it at
all. The other gases that the greenhouse gases consist of are methane, nitrous
oxide and fluorinated gases which are released by burning fossil fuels like
oil, natural gas and coal.

Future scenarios

Trees do more than just providing us with
fruits, shade and oxygen. They cleanse the air around us and fertilise the soil
which prevents soil erosion. However, it is very important to remember that
trees help in the containment of water that is poured from rain. Without them
there will be flooding even in inland areas and many people will die because of
this. After the flooding, there will also be drought which will result in
feminine and an additional number of people will die from thirst. On the other
hand however, if all human beings contribute towards reducing the effects of
global warming we might actually be able to turn this around. Scientists have
discovered that although it is a slow process and may take several years, the
ozone layer can in fact repair from its damage and so can trees be planted and
the earth can become a clean and replenished planet once again.

Possible course of action

Many countries around the world have started an
act against global warming. Countries such as the U.A.E have drastically
widened the use of public transport in just a few years and this has really
helped in reducing the fume emissions from cars as many individuals who have to
go to their work share the same bus rather than almost each of them having to
travel by their own private transport. Others countries and organizations have
encouraged solar panel in homes and have reduced their prices so they are very
affordable to the public and now more and more people and buying them because
of which the use of energy extracted from fossil fuels has reduced.
Furthermore, many companies have begun making all sorts of products and
electronics that are very energy efficient meaning that they waste a lot less
electricity. Examples of these products are energy saving light bulbs, modern
air conditioners, televisions, washing machines etc. Other than what the
government has many, campaigns run by many charitable organizations weren’t all
useless. Awareness has spread amongst the public in almost all countries and
people have started caring a lot more for the environment. Parks have been
created for the sole reason of planting trees and making new environments for
animals and plants. They have also worked towards reducing water wastage and
energy consumption by switching off lights whenever possible and closing taps
as well. The use of renewable energy resources other than solar panels such as
windmills and water turbines which were very uncommon before has also
increased. The problem with these energy resources is that they can’t provide
enough energy for the daily use of people but it is very much possible to solve
this problem by reducing the energy usage and making energy efficient product
which are in gradual progress. If things go well we might be able to completely
replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources which will be revolutionary
as this is one of the greatest threats the world currently is facing.

Personal response

I am a nature lover myself and want to conclude
this project with a something I have been doing to protect the environment. I
had tried planting some seeds in my home but it didn’t quite work out as they
died after about a month but I would still want to try again and I believe that
nothing is impossible and the world can be changed if everyone works towards
changing it. Many people think that there is no use of them taking a step
towards something if they see others around them who are as lazy as they are.
However, like the rain droplets, they all fall following the first one, I believe
that a journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step and even if just a
few people care for the environment at first, more will follow and that’s how a
change can be made.