Greed The Great Gatsby, when Gatsby offers Nick a

Greed is not good, the workers at the bathhouse and the frog were consumed by the gold and wealth which caused them to be swallowed. This reminds me of Gatsby when he was consumed by his wealth which was one of the reasons why he diedWhen No-Face created gold for Chihiro, Chihiro didn’t take the gold because she didn’t need it. This reminds me of The Great Gatsby, when Gatsby offers Nick a job, even though Nick could’ve become wealthy he didn’t accept it, because he didn’t need it, and because he was a bit wary of who Gatsby was.Chihiro is shown as someone who dresses plainly and acts like a normal, determined person. Haku is appeared as someone who is strong and brave but also someone who doesn’t trust anyone to open is feelings to. Yubaba is shown as a rich hag/witch who would do anything to please her baby. The soot creatures appear to look small and weak but they can lift very heavy coal. The employees at the bathous dress like workers which is why they are really greedy. Spirit customers, like the stink god look nasty but when cleaned his is a very sleek and beautiful dragon.Chihiro is first sulky, and a spoiled brat, after she changed her name she became selfless, determined, and hardworking. She is determined to do everything to save her parents and Haku. This shows she is a dynamic character. She is a round character because we see every side of her. Her emotional side to her selfless sideHaku is first shown as someone who is brave and smart, he helps Chihiro in the spirit realm. Haku helps Chihiro find her inner-self. But he has a weakness, he is being controlled by Yubaba. Haku is a dynamic character and round character.Yubaba is a witch who controls the spirit realm. She is greedy and understands the power of names. We realise that she is not so evil, she has a weak side, which is Boh. A static and flat character.Kamaji is shown as someone who doesn’t like his work but has no choice. He is like the grandfather to Haku and everyone else like Lin in the spirit realm. He cares for them. A static and flat character. This is shown when he covers chihiro with a blanket and helps Chihiro save HakuLin is initially gruff and rude but comes to admire Chihiro and acts like her big sister and cares for her. A dynamic and flat characterNo-Face is a spirit who wants to repay Chihiro for her kindness but turns evil and consumes the workers. A static and flat character.Boh is a huge baby that is consumed by Yubaba’s lies, initially he is annoying but at the end he convinces Yubaba to give Chihiro a chance to save her family. A dynamic and flat character.The theme of Greed reminds me of Othello and Great Gatsby. Othello because Iago is really power hungry and wants Othello’s position. Iago is in pursuit of power, and wealth. The Great Gatsby because Tom Buchanan is greedy for money and wealth.