Hair Eye Shadows 4.0 by Bareminerals. People are done

Hair and beauty trends keep on changing
over time. Every year these trends change and we come across new ideas and
styles to try and carry. We try in every possible way to get the latest trends
work for us in order to look up-to-dated in public and social media platforms.

Since, 2017 has passed and we have happily
welcomed 2018, it is now time to discuss the hot trends stylists have highlighted.
Here are some now-beauty trends you need to try on yourself:

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Eyes and lips received a bold treatment
last year and stylists have been expected to keep this trend same this year
too. This is because lips and eyes are the two most prominent features of your
face and when they are properly highlighted, you get a fresh and glowing look.
However, you can modify it a bit by keeping your eyes bold while applying a
soft colour on your lips. This might makes you feel a bit changed and trendy at
the same time. Try Eye Shadows 4.0 by Bareminerals.

People are done with matte skin makeup and
this year the trend of dewy and moist skin is very much expected. Especially
during winter months when the skin is already dry and parched, it is much
suitable to have a moist skin makeup trend. Try using Nutri Contour by Yon-Ka
and avoid using too much powdered makeup products.

Nail painting will be modified too.
Geometric nail painting will be in trend this year. Multiple shades and designs
will be merged together giving us a room for creativity.

When it comes to hairstyling, shoulder
length lobs or long bobs are in trend this year. This hairstyle gives your hair
a voluminous look and it looks super stylish and trendy. Such hairstyles are
not going to be just old lady hair styles, this year everyone will be getting
long bobs.

Moreover, instead to dead straight hair,
this year beachy waves will be more common. You don’t need to have those curls
at ends, this year you have to have hair swirls that swing in and out. And
highlights will not be much common. Instead, colour melts will be in trends.
These colour melts are kind of highlights but they blend into the base colour
making your hair look sun-kissed.

When it comes to guys, they will have short
and clean haircuts. No more ponies and lengthy hair styles.