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Hannah BrockProfessor WordenEssay01-23-2018Conforming in different scenarios Some people in today’s society do not know how to be themselves, everyone is pressured to conform whether or not we say are non conformists. “I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself.” Quoted by Rita Mae Brown. We all try to fit in while being everyone else. In the essay, “The Sociology of the Leopard Man.” written by Logan Feys, writes about the struggle of conformity we all deal with. People in today’s world think being “everybody else”, is being themselves by trying to fit in. Everyone is pressured to conform whether or not we believe we are nonconformists. The essay is explaining how a man decided to be anti-social and live on his own to be a nonconformist, while being a conformist by trying not to “fit in”. With the many mutilations he has put on himself, he is living on his own being who he truly wants to be.   The recent Hollywood event, “The Golden Globe Awards,” Hosted by Seth Myers, is an example of people conforming to wear all black and to support the cause Times Up. Actors all over the world came to the Awards Show to show people their support and make a statement that Time Is Up. It is a movment to show people that, “The clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace. It is time to do something about it.” according to TimesUpNow.com. The male actors showed their support by wearing black and white pins reading “times up”. While everyone showed their support by wearing black gowns or dresses, and black tuxedos. All of the stars, some nominated and some not, got the memo that this is a big deal and needs to be put to a stop instantly. This cause is very important to many and decided to conform as a nation. Which may have meant giving up their “dream” dress for a cause that can impact many in a good way. Reece Witherspoon started the trend all over social media with the hashtag timesup. ¨Every 1 and 6 women get sexually assaulted each year¨, as Reece was one of the many who go assaulted. Stars all over the globe supported the cause by posting pictures on instagram and twitter in their all black attire with #timesup. All of the stars conformed for a cause with the right intentions in mind all while putting their own spin on how they showed their support. In another scenario, to many people this is the year of “Being a Better You”, some have been saying. Most of them are conforming to the idea that working out and crazy unhealthy diets is the way to go. In the opinion of others, being healthy is a good idea, but to an extent. A decent amount of people are starting to do these diets that are definitely out of the ordinary. Society changed a good amount of people to think that looking skinny while being unhealthy is the way to go. One crazy diet that has been around lately is the “Baby Food diet.” This diet consists of eating 14 jars of baby food a day. The diet is 1. Not healthy 2. You lose the important muscles that is needed and 3. The cost of that much baby food for an adult is expensive and doesn’t seem worth it. What people should really do is just take care of themselves in a way that is healthy and not life threatening. Why can’t we all just love ourselves instead of trying to conform just to fit in?   Another thing people are conforming to is the amount of money they are spending too workout or even just hang out in. People have this crazy idea that they should spend a bunch of money on clothes that they may wear once or twice a week. But, more power to those people to spend money to make themselves feel good. At the same time, there are many stores, real and online, where their workout clothes are cheap and good quality. A brand name that people spend lots of money on is LuluLemon. Women and men go to that store to buy clothes just because everyone else has them. An example would be black leggings there cost 98.00 dollars, while on the online website Fabletics, black leggings cost 27 dollars. In some opinions the only difference to the leggings is cost, and in others it is how the leggings feel on people. The conformity for weight loss and looking good has been a big deal to many lately. The pressure to conform is a high ¨priority¨ for people in today’s world. Everyone tries to be like everyone else which causes added stress on people who don’t need it. What could be learned from this is to always try and be yourself and conforming is good in ways but also can put people in a state of mind to try and act perfect. Always think about how you can stand out in a crowd and that being different and not conforming is an okay thing to do. “Quotes About Conformity (380 quotes).” (380 quotes), www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/conformity.”Home.” Time’s Up Now, www.timesupnow.com/