have a community of manual scavengers in a village

have known Abhishek Naulakha for over two years now. He has been an integral member, under my
auspices, of the non-for-profit organisation Enactus, Shri Ram College of Commerce. From the first
day itself, Abhishek has displayed exceptional enthusiasm, dedication and passion towards the
organisation. He is passionate about working for social progress, development and the larger common
good. It is my pleasure to recommend Abhishek Naulakha for a degree in management at the Faculty
of Management Studies, New Delhi, for which he will be an ideal fit.
Abhishek has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in his two years at the organisation. He
played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of the business model for Project Azmat,
an endeavour to rehabilitate a community of manual scavengers in a village on the outskirts of Delhi.
He is resilient, optimistic and undeterred by failure: when the team was giving up on Project Azmat
due to the failure of its previous business model, Abhishek took charge and led his teammates to find
an effective solution. The team then designed a sustainable business model for the project. His
perseverance will take him places.
Abhishek is also an effective manager. As Director of Public Relations, he organised a business plan
competition for budding social entrepreneurs, helping the most innovative projects get funded in the
process. Using novel marketing techniques, he more than doubled the reach on social media to over
11,000 people, helping the organisation reach out to more people and develop new connections. I have
especially been impressed with his interpersonal skills: Abhishek was actively involved with the CSR
divisions of various corporations such as Coca Cola, Vodafone, and Jubilant Bhartiya Foundation, and
successfully secured long-term contracts for the organisation. He led the team at various competitions
and grants and organised a crowdfunding campaign to garner funds that helped the organisation
implement its projects.
Abhishek’s personal strengths are as impressive as his intellectual accomplishments. He is an
outgoing member of the team with a great sense of humour, traits that make Abhishek a pleasure to
work with. While he has the charisma to set a project in motion, he also knows when to sit back and
let others take the lead. His driven, engaging, and curious nature, and his openness to feedback and
criticism will allow him to grow and will serve him well in the future. I am confident that the work he
undertakes will live up to the highest standards of excellence, and that he will be an asset to your
institution. He has my highest recommendation and I wish him all the best. If I can be of any further
assistance, or if you have any queries, please contact me at [email protected]