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Have you ever wondered how everyone’s favourite, chocolate is made? Did you know chocolate is from a tree! Cocoa beans are grown in several countries and this is what starts the chocolate process. Let’s begin at the start, what does it begin with anyway? Cocoa beans are dry and fertilised seeds that create many products, one of them being chocolate. Don’t get too carried away, there is still a lot of steps till cocoa beans become chocolate. Firstly, cocoa beans are grown in pods where they grow off the trunk or branches of the tree. After 3-5 years, each tree can produce more than 20 pods. Workers then use hooked blades to cut the pods off the tree, they are then collected into baskets which are taken to the processing house.Where is cocoa trees grown though? Cocoa trees can often be found in LEDC countries. Ghana is a great example of where cocoa trees grow, it can grow in Ghana due to it being close to the equator. Therefore allowing the climate to be humid with regular rains as well as a short dry season. This is the perfect climate to grow cocoa beans.Secondly, the workers carefully split open the pods to release all the cocoa beans. The beans and pits are scoped quickly and usually wrapped in banana leaves to ferment. The next step is to dry the fermented cocoa beans in the burning sun. Drying the seeds allow it to remove all the moisture so they will be approximately half the weight when they are finished. The final stage before it is shipped to an MEDC country is too scoop all the beans into big sacks where there are examined to make sure each one is good to go. The workers then load the big sacks into a cargo ship which is then taken to a rich country such as Belgium, Switzerland, and France where they make the chocolate. We cannot do it in Ghana because it does not have enough money, however, there is one company that do make their cocoa pods and chocolate. Although, it is not of good quality and can not be shipped to Europe or the rest of the world. Making it a local company.Each chocolate manufacturer has their own ‘secret recipe’ which allows it to be unique however they all go through similar steps. Once the cocoa beans have arrived at the manufacturing plant, the beans go through a process of extensive sampling and testing. This process is used so the beans can be tested to see if there are any defects such as mold or insects. The ones with defects are no good.After that the beans are roasted, this is when the beans release the rich aroma and that delicious chocolate flavour. The roasting process allows the cocoa shells rather brittle. It then goes into a winnowing machine where it removes all the thing shells surrounding the beans. It also strains and sorts the nibs that were roasted into small sizes.Then, the grinding takes place, grinding is the process where the nibs are made into chocolate liquor. Which may also be known as chocolate mass or unsweetened chocolate. The machine is used as it applies heat which allows the nibs to turn liquidy, although this creates a high amount of fat. Now, the goodness happens, sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder(optional) and other flavourings are added to the chocolate liquor, But remember every manufacturer has their own recipe, meaning the number of ingredients could be different.  Finally, after everything is completely blended, the chocolate is cooled which does not take too long. After it has cooled, the chocolate is poured into different types of molds (depending on manufacturer) where it hardens and is turned into the final product. After that, the chocolate is wrapped in the manufacturer’s wrapping paper. In big producers, a machine will do the pouring and even wrap. Otherwise, this belongs to a hand job. After it has been sealed into boxes, this either goes by plane, trucks, or ships to different parts of the world, allowing it to be eaten worldwide.  Who knew chocolate could have been this difficult, there is a lot of steps and it is a very hard job. And next time you eat chocolate, just imagine how far it came from. For example, it came all the way from Ghana to Belgium and finally at your supermarket in Dubai. In conclusion, chocolate is a very challenging task and could have traveled a very long way to get to your nearby supermarket.