Have England revolted against him, and made him write

Have you ever wondered what inspired the important documents of our world? A great deal of textual instruments such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, from the United States, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, were influenced by a certain document called the Magna Carta, or The Great Charter when translated from Latin (Breay, Clair, Harrison, Julian). This certificate caused an abundance of change in society relating to the rights of humans, both individually, and as a country, continent, and planet. The person who wrote this document, King John of England, was despised by the people of his country. The barons of England revolted against him, and made him write the charter which, at the time, dealt with rights, taxation, customs, and incarcerations. Thanks to the conflict of some reasonable, rebellious barons, who sought for the greater good of England, this compromise, the Magna Carta, later became the basis for British and American law.Back, around 1200 c.e., most of Western Europe lived under something called feudalism. Feudalism is a system where peasants, at the bottom, farm the land they borrowed from the barons, in the middle, who had done a favor for the King in exchange for land (GuyFoxTV)., the King, owning everything in his kingdom, didn’t have to follow any laws, and therefore could take as much as he wanted from his people (GuyFoxTV). The king’s power came from the belief that God himself had made the king the king, and was also determined by the size of his kingdom. King Henry Plantagenet understood that, he had inherited some land in northern France, and knew that he had to expand. He married Queen Eleanor, of the province south of him, Aquitaine, and combined their territories, which took up a large section of France (GuyFoxTV). When they became the rulers of England, their kingdom grew again, along with their family. Henry and Eleanor had eight children, three daughters and five sons; William, Henry, Matilda, Richard, Geoffrey, Eleanor, Joan, and John (GuyFoxTV). John, being the last child, knew that it was unlikely that he would become king, and then something strange happened, William died when he was a baby, Henry died of an illness as a child, Geoffrey got stomped on by a horse, so when his father was killed, Richard became king. Though he was king, he spent much of his time battling in the third crusade, and fighting rebels in France. However, while he was trying to take a castle, King Richard was killed in battle; so despite all the odds, John became King of England (GuyFoxTV). Along with the throne, he inherited the worries of his family. King Philip of France was a major threat to his kingdom, John needed to expand the empire, and desperately required the barons’ support. In fifteen years John had lost almost all of his territory in France, (Warren, W.L.) and had treated his barons unfairly (GuyFoxTV). The barons of King John’s feudal aristocracy (Painter, Sidney), greatly disliked him and, even now, is considered one of the worst kings in history (Breay, Clair, Harrison, Julian). Along with his taxation, he imprisoned his ex-wife, starved his enemies and allegedly murdered his nephew (Breay, Clair, Harrison, Julian), which lead to a lot of unpleasant feelings. Nowadays, some people believe, that he was also disliked because he came after his brother, who had done so much good for the country. However, at this point the barons began plotting, and decided to confront him.This charter came into being on equal ground between the two opposing groups, the crown of King John (John, Don), and the barons who had been treated unfairly (Breay, Clair, Harrison, Julian). King John’s main city, London, had been captured by the barons, who then forced him to attend this meeting (GuyFoxTV). This encounter, in south England, lead to the creation of the Magna Carta, and the King and barons had settled their conflict with a compromise, which would permanently affect the course of human history, though they probably didn’t think that. Later, the Barons and citizens of England realized the loophole that the King had sneakily added in the Magna Carta, in one of the clauses, that only free men had the right to court, fair tax, and justice, which left out most of the empire, who were peasants owned by lords and barons (Breay, Clair, Harrison, Julian). Even though there was the loophole, civil war only broke out when Pope Innocent III declared the Magna Carta invalid, because the king didn’t have the Pope’s blessing (Breay, Clair, Harrison, Julian). In the war, King John swept up the eastern side of England and began to feel ill, in his hurry he crossed the wash, a small inlet of the coast, before the coast had gone out (GuyFoxTV). His cart, holding all of his precious items was lost and, ironically, in trying to keep the crown, he had lost it to the sea. He made it as far as New York (GuyFoxTV), just west of the wash, penniless, alone, and sick with an intestinal infection called dysentery, King John passed (Breay, Clair, Harrison, Julian). After he died, his nine year old son, Henry, claimed the throne (Breay, Clair, Harrison, Julian). Throughout the thirteenth century the Magna Carta was revised three times, once in 1217, once in 1225, and once in 1297, until it finally became part of English Law (Breay, Clair, Harrison, Julian). It was known as the Charter of Liberties until the revision of 1217 by King Henry. The revision had a second part, the Charter of the Forest, and so the Charter of Liberties, which was on a larger piece of parchment was nicknamed the Great Charter or Magna Carta (GuyFoxTV). Both the revision in 1225 and 1297 had to do with raising taxes, the 1225 one by Henry again, and the 1297 one by his son, Edward I (GuyFoxTV). The final copy was entered into English law, which meant if anyone wanted to change it, it would have to get approved by Parliament (GuyFoxTV). To put context on how long ago the Magna Carta was written, the Eastern Roman Empire or, the Byzantine Empire, fell around two hundred years afterwards, in 1453 (“Aeneas Piccolomini to…”), (“Knights of Saint…”). The Byzantine Empire fell whenever Constantinople fell to Ottomans (connor845).The Great Charter affected many people, including Gandhi (Breay, Clair, Harrison, Julian), though it also affected documents, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by, the United States’ Constitution and Declaration of Independence (vaderkane). The Magna Carta was the first step in making a society where no one is more powerful, and everyone has equal rights, the first laid brick of our government and legal system (GuyFoxTV). It inspired people all over the globe that all people, anywhere, deserve equal rights. The Magna Carta and English legal system assisted other countries form their government system, including, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and India (GuyFoxTV). “If our calculations are correct, one quarter of the people in the world, live in a country where the system of government was inspired by Magna Carta” (GuyFoxTV) After the second world war, in 1948, the United Nations made a declaration to protect the rights of everyone known as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Eleanor Roosevelt (Breay, Clair, Harrison, Julian). A great deal of people, from all over the world have been inspired by the Magna Carta, and celebrate equal rights to all mankind. The Declaration of Independence, a document to free a newly born country, made by the hard work of our founding fathers, inspired and following a similar path as the Magna Carta (Declaration of…). “…This is the progenitor, the ancestor, the great-great-great-grandfather of our great documents of freedom, whether it’s the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, or the Bill of Rights…” (David Rohl). That is a quote from David Rohl, the man who sold one of the copies of the Magna Carta on auction, talking about the Magna Carta and its importance to the United States.Barons of England, wanting rights and justice, made King John, one of the most disliked kings of history, compromise, and solve the conflict of early thirteenth century, by signing the Magna Carta at Runnymede, England to free people from unfair law. This charter then became the basis for several countries’ government and legal systems, and the inspiration for a global standard for human rights (Breay, Clair, Harrison, Julian). Because some barons wanted fair taxes, we can live with rights, and be free of slavery in several countries. This unsuspecting piece of paper, written over eight hundred years ago, influences nearly every country, either directly like English law, or indirectly like the people with rights because of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The barons, upset with the King, compromised with the crown to settle their conflict about customs, but created one of the influential documents known today.