Have with go well with your alluring blue dresses

Have you ever imagined that you
can change the color of your nails to reflect your mood, or to match your
pretty dress, car or basically anything that you can think of? Yes, it’s
incredible to have tons of nail polish colors available to cater to everyone’s
taste. However, it’s not as easy as a pie to choose a perfect nail color for
yourself. Which is the ideal hue from hundreds of shades of red for you? Would
you need to wear a blue colored polish on a blue dress even if you are not too
comfy with such dark nails? Will a shocking pink nail color suit your dusky
complexion? Very few people know the answers to them all. Lets us see some chic
nail color ideas that with go well with your alluring blue dresses below.

Fantastic Lilac Purple Nail Color For Sober Appearance

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If you like to keep your nails
subtle looking, then lilac nail color is best for you. The pastel tones will
give a pretty match to the blue pencil skirt with white beaded embroidery.
Since you are limiting the nail art to a plain pastel toned work use funky
accessories to spike up the level of classiness.



Beautiful Ombre Nail Art For Prom Dress

Pair up a beautiful strapless
prom night gown with an ombre toned nail artwork. The dress showcases different
hues of aqua and greens to create a matching and charming combination of ombre
nail art. Pair your look with a retro-style bun hairstyle and minimal silver
accessories. You may use a silver glitter topcoat to make your nail design more
glamorous for the event.










Carly Rae Jepsen’s Multi-Patterned Nail Art

The gorgeous celeb lends an
urbane flair to her nails with a multi-patterned look. Lend a fashion statement
to your nails with cute and glittery artworks on each nail. For edgy appeal
choose bright colors while get a gothic appeal using darker hued polish.










Bright Red Nail Color For Hot Look

Dress up like the dazzling and
sexy Kim Kardashian in a royal blue bodycon dress with a designer neckline
embellished in silver sequences below. The seductress actress pairs up rocking
silver jewelry with the dress and wears a bright red nail color that contrasts
attractively to the dress for a hot look.





Pink Nails For Complementing Dark Blue Attire

Grab up a light shade of baby
pink nail polish and deck up your nails. If you like it a little sassier,
embark them with streaks of silver or gold for a lovely effect. The dark blue
clothes will complement the nails creating a warmer winter mood for you.








Popping Orange Nail Polish For Summer Nail Art

Orange hues make a cute
compliment to blue dresses. Select a bright or pastel shade of orange to mark
your nails with a classy statement. When summer is heading just around the
corner you need brighter toned nail polishes to brighten up your look. Keep it
plain or add strokes of silver and gold to the color for an eye-catching









Multi-Hued Pastel Nails For Elegant Appeal

If you want to be chic and trendy
and yet lend yourself a formal look, try these pastel shades to compliment your
blue striped outfit. You may think twice if someone tells you to go
multi-colored for a formal look. However, try these colors yourself to feel the
magic. The pastel hues create an understated and subdued look of elegance.









Polka Dot Mani For Adorable Appearance

Shorter nails can be well
decorated with polka dots for a cute appeal. This fall spruce up your looks with
an at-home mani using a dotting tool, two lovely complementing nail polishes
and a sheer topcoat. Be ready to showcase some adorably painted nails with a
classic mix of modernity and glamour.





Breakthrough Yellow Nails For Stylish Appeal

Give your style a chic breakthrough
with a stunning shade of neon yellow nail paint. The popping nail colors add an
incredible element of style to your appearance. Neon shades bring a modern spin
to custom dresses. The blue and black dress can also be coupled with neon’s in
orange, pink or green if you like it punk.









Seafoam Nail Polish For Graceful Attitude

Rock any red carpet event or a
party with subdued nail colors. No need to pick bright tones of red if you hate
them. Accentuating your light blue mini with soft pastel seafoam
lacquer can lend you a star-like graceful yet glamour-packed attitude. Add
black polkas if you want to make your nails more noticeable.




Cobalt Blue Nails For Trendy Appeal

Al perfectly matching nail color
to your attire can nerve move out of fashion until you change your mood. The cobalt
blue frock printed in antique silver design looks fab with the same rich cobalt
tone over the nails. The look can be completed with silver or gold accessories,
and awesome pump heels.






Cute Dominos Nail Design For Modern Touch

The soft, ultra-light color of
blue dress is coupled with dominos nail art. You will need white and black nail
lacquers and a bobby pin to create this simple nail design. Make a black and
white checkered nail base, and then create contrasting dots to give a modish
domino nail art.







Fancy Blue Plaid Nails For Beautiful Appeal

You need not be a pro in nail
designing to attain this pretty look. The nail art is matched with the Gingham
blue dress for an awe-worthy appeal. Your task is to find an exact match of
nail polish to the dress and simple paints the checks diagonally on white base.
The statement footwear will complete your look in style.



Choosing a nail color for your
blue outfit will now become a bit more manageable. Remember to keep minimal
accessories if you are opting for funky nails. Conversely, plain colored nails
can be decked with jazzy shoes, clutches, bold accessories and smoky makeup