He eyes. There seem to have been a reckless

He had that kind of a face that could stop you dead in your track, rooted to the ground. It was as though one glance was just not good enough. His appearance alone was incredibly captivating. His features were delicate, yet attractive. It was something about him, like an extremely strong magnetic field that instantly drew me to him.      He had the appearance of a fallen angel. His face was strong and extremely defined, as though his features molded from marble. His face was carefully constructed; he had an angular jaw that was dotted with stubble. It was as if God himself had molded him, just to feast his eyes on. He had thick and lustrous tousled jet-black hair. However, it was his eyes, which were hauntingly mesmerizing. His eyes looked brown afar, but as he neared I noticed the colour of honey. They’re bright and warm framed by beautiful thick lashes. As I leaned closer to the angel himself, I pause to notice the power behind those breathtaking eyes. There seem to have been a reckless tornado stirring in his eyes. A flame had replaced the golden brown warmth, as he stood in front. His tall, broad stature towered over me. His dark eyebrows sloped downwards in a grave expression. His usual playful smile, which flashed his pearly white, straight teeth illuminating ones heart, had transformed into a smirk, which could make ones heart beat faster, until that too was gone and his lips were pressed into a hard line across his face. However, he silently bit his lip as though he was trying to contain himself, from saying something possibly offensive from his ‘colourful’ vocabulary. Although, he seemed to have a sailor’s mouth, there was a rugged attractiveness to it, however, sometimes his words could sting. His large and strong hands, slightly rough from working, held my small and rather fragile ones as his gaze pierces into mine. I couldn’t help but blush and tear my doe-like eyes away from his intense gaze. His smile carved its way back into his face. His body was warm and toned as compared to my cold, quivering body. As he secured me in his arms, he comforted me with his gentle touch. His voice was deep, hushed with a serious tone, and as his lips brushed against my ear, I could feel the goosebumps rise on my skin, in anticipation of what was to happen next, until after an eternity of silence he sighed and said, “I really do love you.”