Heart happens in couple of minutes. The peril factors

Heart ailment are one of the significant reason of death and disability on the planet, killing 17.5 million individuals every year and more than twenty-three million anticipated passing from cardiovascular sickness by 2030. Coronary illness incorporates different sorts of conditions that can influence center reason. The heart is an important organ of human body.  On the off chance that the blood dissemination to the body is lacking, the organs of the body that is cerebrum and heart quit working and passing happens in couple of minutes.  The peril factors related are distinguished as age, family history, diabetes , hypertension, elevated cholesterol, tobacco, smoke, liquor inward breath, heftiness, physical idleness, chest torment write and less than stellar eating routine 1.Medical industry is data rich yet learning poor. There is requirement for a wise emotionally supportive network for ailment forecast. Data mining strategies like Classification, regression are utilized to anticipate the infection. With the advancements of computing facility gave by software engineering innovation, it is currently conceivable to anticipate many states of infirmities more accurately15. Data mining is a cognitive  procedure of discovering the hidden approach patterns from large data set. It is generally utilized for applications, for example, financial data ,analytic thinking, retail, media transmission industry, genome data analysis, logical applications and health mind frameworks and so on. Data mining holds Extraordinary potential to improve heath frameworks by utilizing data and analytics to recognize the accepted procedures that enhance care and reduce cost. WEKA is a effective tool as it contains both supervised and unsupervised learning techniques14. We utilize WEKA because it causes us to evaluate and compare data mining techniques (like Classification, Clustering, and Regression etc.) conveniently on real data. The objective of this work is to anayze the potential utilization of classification based data mining techniques like naive bayes, decision tree(j48), ensemble algorithms and simple logistic and so forth.